Sunday, July 4, 2010


*Info on monument found here

Seeing how many have suffered in the distant and near past, my heart and eyes and pain are full for them.

I know that the Lord had never intended for man to be subdued, controlled, beaten, (since His is a message of love) but there are always those who succumb to the power of greed and don't care for the human factor of life but themselves.

I am forever grateful that the Lord had provided a home for those who will seek it out. A land promised freedom so long as they remember Him.

Happy Independence Day!

Friday guest was Cheri Chesley--who guessed right? ;)

*update: I decided to remove the video clip of Braveheart because I wasn't advertising the movie, I wanted to point out that people throughout time and various places have suffered due to oppression.


  1. Happy 4th of July!! Have a great weekend!!!

    take care

  2. Max, thank you, you too! <3

    Jennifer, you too, thank you! ;)

    Alex, thank you... ;D

  3. Very nice blog post. And I love that picture of... parliament?

    By the way, I've given you two awards. Please stop by my blog to pick them up. :)

  4. Happy 4th, Elizabeth. I'm not sure if the Mel Gibson/Hitler/Independence/Freedom thing is meant to be an ironic/poetic warning considering Mel Gibson's latest racist rant as reported in the news. Anyway, I appreciate you. You are a message of love. And thank you, Elizabeth.

  5. Melanie, thank you for the awards! I'll head over there right now! <3

    Hello (Frankie, Alex?) Thank you! Happy 4th to you! Yikes! I had no idea Mel did something awful. I need to zip on over and catch up... You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed my message! :)

  6. Great post! I hope you had a wonderful 4th.

  7. Hello, Kathi, thank you! <3 I hope you did too...

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