Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shame on Me and Award time, SQUEEE!

Sorry for waiting so long to do this. I thought it would be smart of me, but time escaped me! :(

I need to thank those who thought of me . . .

First off, the rules are to recognize those who thought of you and to make aware your awardees. :)))

Here it goes!!!!

Thank you Suzie, Kelsey, Hart, Bryan, and Sangu for your thoughtfulness when you passed the Versatile Blogger Award!

Here are 7 things about me along with 15 blog friendz:

1. I recently discovered that I can slip into editing mode quicker if I do a few math problems. It helps me to sharpen my focus.

2. I cried when my teen girl went to camp for a few days. (I don't think it matters how many kidlets I have or how old they get--they're still my treasures!)

3. I wrote a short horror story when I was 15. It freaked me out so badly when I read it later that I ripped and tossed it.

4. I recently discovered that I have a problem using -ing words in my WIP. I had about 96 in ONE chapter! Yikes!!!!

5. Before I had kids, I was adventurous and fearless. After I had them, I became overly cautious, paranoid and protective. A perfect example of this is when we go camping. I can hardly sleep a wink with all the small forest sounds, thinking a bear is going to tear through our tent and snatch my kids away from me--even a mountain lion, yikes! It's already happened in these Utah campsites. :(

6. something about my pets: my dog thinks she's a cat and my cat thinks she's a person and the birds are totally clueless of the dog's careful watch. It's hilarious!

7. I've joined lots of social networks and rarely visit them. Juggling Blogger, Face Book and my email takes so much time from me and I need to rebalance my writing time to editing.

Here's to the 15 palz:

Alex Cavanaugh
Jennifer (Ten Lives Second Chances)

Elliah A. Terry (Funny Poetry Girl)
Kathy Stemke (VBT--Writers on the Move)

Jessica (Daily Musings and Inpsirations
Matt Nord (Living dead Fiction)
Alex Poetry After Noon
Raquel Byrnes
Carolina Valdez Miller (Carol in Print)

Bethany and Suzette (Shooting Stars)

Alexes Covington (One Cluttered Brain)

Jewel Allen (Pink Ink)
Rebecca Blevins (I am a Pistachio)

Terresa Wellborne

The Prolific Blogger Award! Thank you Kristie Cook, for your awesomeness! ;)

And here's to a few of my palz:

Lisa (Lisa's World)

Christine Bryant (Day Dreamer)

Amber Lynae (Seriously Amber Lynae)

Thank you, Oliva J Herrell and Melanie Sherman, for thinking of me! I'm flattered that you guys feel my blog is lovely! Here's to 8 that have made an impression on me!

Jennifer (Ten Lives and Second Chances)
who always has cozy thoughts and funny thoughtful Charlie things. ;)

Michele Ashman Bell
. She has such a big heart and her books are so sweet and make great bubble bath reads!

Tristi Pinkston
! She is such a sweetie and has the funnest sense of humor that shows up in every book of hers!

Kimberly Job
who is very sweet--don't let her shyness fool ya!

Paulette (700 Blank Pages)
. She is one of the most wonderful people you can get to know. She is very talented with her book-making--I love the one she gave me! :D

Michelle Teacress
, a great friend who loves writing and will befriend you in a second!

Michelle Jefferies
--a wonderful mommy and writerly pal. She always brings a smile to my face.

Lisa (Lisa's World)
, a warm-hearted gal whose ambitions will get her places!

Thank you, Clara, for the Honest Scrap award! She loves fantasy

Here's my tribute my awesome bloggers:

Rachna (Rachna's Scriptorium)

Shanna (Shanna's Life, Stories, and General Ramblings)

Kim Coates (Sometimes Hard, but Oh-So Worth it!)

Amber Lynae

Thanks, everyone, for thinking of me when you received these awesome awards! Go and share the LUV and have a great day!


  1. Fun awards. I too have an issue with -ing words, but it's in part my attempt to avoid passive voice cause I suck at that and don't have the patients to do it properly. And I like -ing words.

    We have mountain lions here too. Had one come near town, out at my great grandma's ranch, and it ate my cat :-( sadness. They are in the mountains too, along with bears. Yikes but I still love spending time in our cabin in the mountains. lol

  2. Awww look at all your gorgeous awards!! Congratulations!!

    Oh no - you destroyed your short story!! :-( I hope it gets re-incarnated soon!

    Big hugs to your little treasures! And I love your animals' unique personalities! LOL!
    Take care

  3. Congrats on all the wonderful awards! You deserve them!

  4. I can't write horror either - I can't live in that world - I'm such a wimp! :)

    Congrats on the awards!

  5. Now that summer's here, I haven't been commenting on blogs a lot, but I come here today and find such a nice surprise. Thanks Elizabeth. You're so sweet!
    By the way, I like the new look of your blog and that picture of you is a good one.

  6. Congrats on all your awards. Very impressive. :)

  7. Aw, thank you!
    And congratulations on all of those awards.

  8. Congrats on awards! And your 'facts' have a lot of overlap with me... my editing brain is TOTALLY my logical side... I have to work harder to turn it OFF though... (Sudoku works--number stop being numbers and start being patterns) And while I am not scared of furry creatures, kids taught me fear of speed and heights that I NEVER had before.

  9. Congrats on the awards. I love the entry about the pets. And I wish you hadn't ripped up the horror story. That would be so cool to read now. Anyway, nice job!

  10. Hi, guys! I really hope you're enjoying your summer vacation! It's going by waaaay too fast for me. *Sigh* I don't want to send my kids off to school. I really love having them here.

    Thanks for your lovely comments! Have a great week! :D

  11. I am honored to be a recipient of an award! Thank you so much for following the blog. I try to keep it tame and fairly family... even though it's a website about zombies... so... Anyway, I really appreciate the recognition. Thanks a lot, Elizabeth!

  12. aww..thanks for the award! i appreciate that!

  13. Math - great idea.
    Also, I was fearless before kids too, now I'm a paranoid psycho. Amazing what they do to you ;)

  14. Hey, Matt! You're welcome! Yes, your site is a bit creepy, but gotta love it! ;)

    Alexes, you're welcome!!! :D

    Jolen--isn't it funny how kids change ya? *sigh*

  15. Awesome award, thank you, Elizabeth, for it!!

    PS: Funny thing about the -ing words. Also, about doing a few math problems before editing. I'm going to tuck that one away to try myself!


  16. Hi Terresa! You're welcome! I know, tell me about it. I was so blissfully unaware about them until I stumbled across someone's blog that talked about cutting them back!! :D

  17. Congratulations on all of the awards! I loved your truth about writing a scary story and it freaking you out. I started one last fall and got so freaked out that I haven't opened the file since.

  18. Wow, Sharon...that's cool in a creepy way. Maybe we should get together and compare notes!! :(

  19. Congrats dear!
    Hey.. You won my "name my character contest" and I would like to send you a gift card or a book.. Can you email me? sugarw @ q dot com
    thanks dear!

  20. Hi Elizabeth, Congratulations on your awards. You deserve all of them.
    Thanks for the Honest Scrap Award. I am honoured.

  21. Elizabeth, you are so kind, dearheart. Thank you. for thinking of me. Congrats on all your awards!

    And yes, I agree--it doesn't matter how old our kiddos get, it's always hard to see them go.

  22. Elizabeth - Congrats on all of your awards. I'm the same way with my kids. My daughter is going to camp soon & I'm having a freak out about it. I think it's because we know how precious they are to us.

  23. Hello dearest Sugar... Whoa??? REAllY? I'm shocked! I had so much fun looking them up and finding the sexiest names! I'm thrilled! Thank you!! ((Hugs))

    Thank you, Rachna! You're such an awesome lady, I'm happy that we're friends! :D

    Carolina, thank you for stopping by and for the kind stuff you said about me! Too bad summer vac is halfway over. Not enough time, it goes so fast! :(

    RaShelle! Thank you. Yes, so so so true. They are so dear, aren't they? My heart is with you as she leaves... ((Hugs)) :D

  24. Thanks for the award! yes, im a fully fledged mum to a cute little boy! he's the best! xx


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