Friday, July 2, 2010

Guess Who This is?

Hello my bloggie palz!

This summer has been sooo crazy for me--there's so much time to spend with the kids and
very little m0ney to spend on them. *sigh* At least they're enjoying their freedom of no

Okay, here goes my Friday guest!

She's hand-written 282 pages in a year and 10 months. She is a mother of 5 wonderful kidlets. In January, she was offered a contract to publish her YA romance. She's written in several genres, but fantasy is her passion.

Who is she?


  1. dunno but I love the picture!

  2. Hand-written?!?! Wow!!!

    It's a lovely drawing. Take care

  3. No idea!
    And I hand write everything. Is that unusual or something?

  4. Love the picture - but I don't know who it is either. :)

  5. Lovely picture. (I hand-wrote my last novel first. Then transcribed it all to the computer. Might go back to that method for my next novel.)

  6. I don't know either but she sounds interesting and you did a lovely drawing of her!

  7. I'm stumped. Who is she publishing with? We need more clues!

  8. Is she a younger Elizabeth? I hand write too. The picture is lovely.

  9. Oh, and I love, love, LOVE this pic! <3

  10. I don't know who it is either but I have to say, you did a wonderful job. It's a great picture :)

  11. Your talent always amazes me. You're so gifted.

  12. I swear that drawing looks a lot like you! So if that's not the right answer, I'm clueless. :)

    I feel more creative when I'm writing by hand. Strange as it is, that's when my best plot points come out.

  13. Nicole, thank you!! :D

    Jennifer--amazing, isn't it?

    Alex, yes, these days it is very unusual. ;) I hand wrote my first novel, too!

    Jemi, thank you! :)

    Stephanie, that's wonderful! I know that as you transcribe, you can edit as you go. Wonderful way of truly 'feeling' your story in your hands, isn't it?

    Karen, thank you!

    Bethany, she is publishing with Cedar Fort! ;)

    Rachna--you're so sweet! She is pretty!

    Cheri, I wonder how? ;)

    Jaydee, thank you!! :)

    Christine, thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoy them. <3

    Suzie--wow, it's been soooo long since I've written by hand, but I remember the feeling and flow of the plots coming to life!!!

  14. Great picture. I look forward to finding out who it is. :)

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