Friday, July 23, 2010

First Sighting Contest

Okay, now that I got your attention--it's NOT what you think.

It's even better . . .

Kathi Oram Peterson is holding a race, if you will. What kind? Well for the first five people who 1) Find The Stone Traveler in a book store, 2) Take a picture of YOU standing by the book on the store shelf, and 3) email (kathiorampeterson[at]yahoo[dot]com) the picture to her, she has a prize for you!!! (For more details, go here)

Behind curtain number 1:

Behind curtain number 2:

First runner-up gets first pick and so on down the line.


What are you waiting for? Go hunt it down and be the first one! ;)

(Look for my review on her fantabulous book September 29th!)


  1. What a fun contest!! Good luck everyone with this treasure hunt!

    Take care

  2. Fun idea! Great way to get a peek into bookstores nowhere near you....just to be sure it's really there!

  3. What a lovely idea..too bad I am too far. Good luck to all who participate in this contest.

  4. Haha love this, thanks for pointing such a great contest out, Elizabeth!

  5. Great idea for a contest. Sadly, the closest bookstore of any worth is just over an hour away. Good luck to the rest of you!!

  6. I love Kathi's contest - such a unique idea! :)

  7. Hi, I'm sorry that there aren't bookstores by you, I really empathize with you. There aren't bookstores here where I'm at, too. I have to drive there. Thank you for your comments! :D


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