Sunday, July 11, 2010

Editor v. Creator

I need to apologize to you!

I thought I had scheduled something for Sunday and, as the hermitoad I am, I just decided to break from my real world shell and creep into cyberealm, only to discover that I forgot! :(


I forgot all about yesterday.

What I've been doing:

I've decided to make it a point to edit Rock Star 3 hours a day, but for the weekend. I love it. I actually feel refreshed when I walk away from it. I love the left-brain work it forces me to do.

I challenged myself to continue with fresh writing.

I need to continue a novel I had dropped in order to edit a different WIP--YA Darkspell. I'm so bad.

First, what I plan to do, is read through its entirety (most likely edit obvious mistakes), and then--hopefully!!!--pick up where I left off and finish the darn thing.

It's a vampire read. No, nothing like Stephenie's stuff. I like to think of it more like an Underworld kinda thing (in terms of intensity).

I can't remember when the last time it was when I wrote a new book while I edited another. It's like writing left and right handed at the same time, don't you think? Leaping from editor mode to creator mode? Ack!

Have you ever written a new novel while editing another? How do you disengage yourself from one hat to the other?


  1. I don't know if I could edit and create at the same time. I think one would take control of the other. Not that it can't be done...I've just got a one-track mind.

  2. Vicki, I am sooo one-track minded when it comes to my writing. I wonder how it'll go? I've actually read that old WIP just now and came across some tangly discoveries: I have a MC that is demanding a spot onstage--he's so cute and charming, but he is NOT the love interest. AAA! I hope it'll all turn out okay. I have no idea how I'm going to work this one out... *sigh* Thank you for dropping by and sharing your thoughts with me. ((hugs))

  3. I'm not a writer, so I can't talk specifically for your situation, but I do do both editing and sub-editing at work. In my company we systematically sub-edit each other rather than ourselves specifically because it is hard to disconnect from one's writing in order to sub-edit it. When we can't get anyone we try to give ourselves some time between writing and sub-editing, whatever we can afford.

    In your case, perhaps it's for the best? Writing one novel taps your creative bent whilst sub-editing the other taps your analytical/critical mind...

  4. Gosh!!! Good luck with the multi-tasking!!! I think I can only do one at a time!! I'll either create or edit - or else my brain will explode! LOL!

    So well done you!! Enjoy your writing!!

    take care

  5. Hi, Elizabeth! Wow, you go with your left brain/right brain self!! :D I can't do both, so I'm envious! I have to plug away on the MS, get to "the end" - THAT's when I get to play with other pieces, when the MS is "resting". Great post!!

  6. Hi Elizabeth, we are so alike. I am also editing one WIP and writing another. I feel I am writing with both my hands. I keep a name chart with the characters of both my books on separate sheets beside my laptop for quick reference. At times it can get a little troublesome, but I am managing.

  7. Alesa! Wow, that's awesome stuff you just mentioned! Sooo very true, what you said. Thank you for your thoughts. I figured, if I was able to take more than 2 courses in college and put myself into each separate mode, I can with the editing v. creating, right? :D

    Jennifer--I think it's working thus far. I've written only about a page, but that's because I had other things come up (husband and kidlets for one). The thing is that this story is dragging and now I'm stuck with the dilemma to figure where the rot starts to cut it out and liven it up! Ugh...

    Hi Zoe! Thanks, it's something fairly new I've decided to try and tackle. I do like what Alesa said about keeping a fresh perspective by doing both. I hope my brain survives! ;)

    Wow, Rachna! I'm so glad to hear that you're doing the same thing! Wonderful! :D I think that's a great idea to keep a MC chart--I think that would help me to be able to dive into their heads as I pull out their story. Great idea, thanks for divulging a secret of yours. :D

  8. Music takes me from one work to another. I have playlists for everything.


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