Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do Your Books Change You?

They do me.

My characters are so alive, I can feel them stirring behind my thoughts. It breaks my heart because that's the only place they will ever exist.

Imagine the euphoria of having them so real, that they exist in everyone's heart who reads their story? Even better--if Hollywood contracts with you? You see them walking, breathing, talking--on screen.

Does JK Rowling get the satisfaction of having them come to life when she watches her loves dance across the screen? Maybe in some bitter, sweet way.

I've been thinking, breathing, eating--sleeping--Rock Star. I've never really cared for metal bands until this story came knocking on my back door.

I've never listened so carefully to lyrics, rythms, beats, voices--nor have I cared to image how they look onstage while performing.

Everything has changed now. I can imagine what they are doing--on and off stage. I think of Morgan--my MC--every time a metal rock band is singing on the radio. I even ask my hubby to leave it on that radio station so I can listen to them. He knows what I'm up to, too.

It used to be that he was the only one that liked that kinda music.

I wonder if this is a passing thing, or if it will become a part of me because of my novel . . .

I love Kip's stage presence in this video, "Madalaine". (I couldn't post it here, unfortunately) *Sigh* Notice the super high kicks, the way he slides from side to side, almost on his knees? That's how I picture Moggie doing his thing onstage while he sings. ;)

How about this:

I Luuuuuuuuuv their bandynamics--how they smile, put their heads together and sing their parts. They're having fun, here, right? That's how MezzTup is when they perform.

I found that I like Steelheart the best. Listen to Miljenko Matijevic's voice as he sings "I'll Never Let You Go". *Swoon* I love his voice and that's how I imagine Moggie's vocal range. And sound.

I find that I don't mind hearing those rock bands blasting away like I used to once upon a time. My hubby really appreciates that fact, since he's always LOVED that music.

How fitting this quote is by C C DeVille: "When you are still dreaming, you haven't written your book, so everything is open and the sky is the limit and whatever you can think can become a possibility."

How have your stories changed you?

(photo of Michael Praed)


  1. Elizabeth,
    You are so freakin cute. I don't know that they change me, but they take up my time. I care about them. They become "real" people to me - in some ways better than real because if I don't like what one of them said or did, I can take it back and change it. =D

  2. I really love what you say here. It's cool that your characters become such a part of you. I think my husband would like it more if I fell into this line of music too. He loves it, and so do my kids. They all laugh at me when they get to the shouting in the songs and I turn it down, but there are some rock bands that I really like, especailly when it comes to their love ballads, I sort of look at it like a compromise. =0) but I love what you say here. I look forward to hearing more about your characters. =0)

  3. Right now, I think the biggest affect by characters and their stories have on me is the genres I end up trying.

    The last time I read mystery type stories was Nancy Drew, so never adult. Yet, I love Detective Malcolm Wilde. As someone who is asexual, the erotica books and scene never interested me, yet my characters enjoy such. Then there are the different fantasy subgenres. I love epic fantasy. Never thought I'd write paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and until recently I'd never even heard of steampunk.

    It's all new to me, and I'm enjoying the new experiences in writing.

  4. Awwww thanks for the clips! They bring Morgan to such life - it does help that you have some visual and vocal images of your mc doesn't it?? I hope too to see and read about Morgan one day soon!

    Take care

  5. Yeah, I think they change me. Sometimes when I give my characters particular views and values, mine end up changing too. It's almost like they've persuaded me to be on their side! :o)

  6. I've always imagined stories like these and putting them to paper makes them feel almost complete. It's an enthralling experience :)

  7. Great story - we do become interested in so many different things because of our stories. I know a LOT more about Victorian England and English surnames than I eer did before. :)

  8. Hi Elizabeth...wonderful post. Of course my books change me. The stories that initially existed in my mind, enter my heart when I am writing them and the characters come alive. I see them laughing and crying, dancing with joy and sometimes sulking in a corner. They start breathing and by the time I am through with them they have become close friends.

  9. Fun post! It's true... to see our characters walking around in their lives they've demanded from us is a frustrated dream. But a fun one.
    In one of my books, a 1964 Mustang fastback makes an appearance, and though I am not a car person, now, when I see a Mustang, my heart races. I was not that way before!

  10. RaShelle, I know what you mean! I've wondered that about certain MCs as I read books and there's an annoying character there. How did the author deal with him? Did the author find him annoying too? ;)

    Debbie, lol! I know what you mean. I love Monster Ballads, so romantic, aren't they? I usually turn the volume down too, especially if the lyrics are questionable. *sigh* Thanks for your compliments! <3

    Dawn, that's so true! I didn't think to mention that, but Rock Star is the very first book I've written that has absolutely NO fantasy element in it--my others deal with paranormal and fantasy stuff. Yes, I feel experimenting with other genres does change me, too! Thank you! :)

    Jennifer, thank you! I can't wait to get my book out, too. Editing is such a slow process for me, but one of these days, I'll let you know!! :D

    Jessica, that's so true, I know what you mean. Our MCs teach us tolerance, don't they? Isn't that interesting how that works out?

    Nicole, so true, I agree with you. I think it makes writing for an enriching experience! Thanks for your thoughts! :)

    Jemi, that's wonderful! I've written a Regency/old west novel as well and had done tons of research. I've certainly gained empathy for certain peoples by my studies!

    Rachna, I can see why writers continue with sequels. I know how you feel! I've had a few--very rare--dreams with my MCs in there. I loved them.

    Krista, I know exactly how you feel! You have a special connection with it because of how intimate you are in your book! That's how I feel about rock stars now. Funny, isn't it? :)

  11. Yeah. I learn from their mistakes and find SUCH happiness when they do. It's such an incredible experience. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Completing my book certainly made me feel more complete.
    And too cool you are now into metal bands! Those guys were popular when I was in my 20's.

  13. Jolene, I'm so glad! Don't you just LOVE writing? I'm so ever grateful for that gift! Thanks for dropping by! <3

    Alex, finishing a book is like a great deal of accomplishment, isn't it? Why, thank you! They really are cool, aren't they? :D

  14. You're so cute. I live, breathe and dream about my characters, 24/7. And the thought of seeing them on the big screen just makes me all warm and fuzzy all over. I just hope I get to be in on the casting. I soooo want to meet my Octavion in the flesh. LOL

  15. Christine! That would be so awesome! I'd LOVE to meet him, too! :D

  16. I don't write but I love to read and I can try many new experiences right there with the people I meet.

  17. lulilt, wow, thank you for your thoughts! I love to hear from our readers, too! <3

  18. Not only do I learn more about my characters and where they are (i.e. Ireland) but I learn so much about myself.

    When I started writing my story I had very little knowledge of Ireland. Now I find myself looking for movies in Ireland, about Ireland, etc. I even watch those travel shows where they take you on tours and show you the best places to eat. There are weeks at a time where I live and breathe all things Irish.

  19. Lisa, wow, that's so true. Our research draws us into the world we are writing about. I love your thoughts, thank you! <3


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