Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Riddles and a Book Giveaway, O My!

The Lovely Bones, Alice Sebold

Because I love my followers, I am doing a fantastical book giveaway! It's easy peasy to enter: 1--be a follower, and 2--e-mail me (elizabethmueller6 AT gmail DOT com) your answers to the 3 riddles below with the subject heading: Riddles. I will give you one entry for every right answer you get, and an entry for an honest try if you don't get them right. ;)

Ready? Here we gooooo!!!!

1. What is the difference between an old nickel and a new dime?

2. If your uncle's sister is not your aunt, what relation is she to you?

3. What is that which has never been felt, seen nor heard, never existed and still has a name?

Please don't leave answers in comments below so others have a fair chance at them (or you won't be able to enter)--thank you!!! Last day is the 15th. I will announce the winner and answers the 18th, Friday!

PS--this book is NOT for the faint of heart.

Good Luck and have fun! ;)


  1. I already have this book, so I skipped out on the contest, but your blog is awesome, so I'm following. Yay! (Loved this book, btw)

  2. Hi

    Great giveaway and wicked questions!! I have this book already too - just wanted to say Good Luck with this!

    Take care

  3. This sounds fun - and thank goodness for an entry for an honest try. I may need it ;)

  4. Wonderful giveaway and fun riddles...I already have the book but am going to work on the riddles just for me ;o)

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  5. I love riddles, but I'm not that good at them. Way fun though!

  6. Great giveaway and fun riddles! I'm not going to enter because I have the book, but it's a great idea and I'm going to work on those riddles by my little old self!

  7. Welcome, Angela--I love followers, it's the fastest way for me to find your blog! Thank you and welcome!! :D

    Hi, Jennifer, thank you! It's always nice to see you.

    Hi Jaydee--you're welcome, good luck! :D

    Hi Courtney, awww, you're so cute! They are fun, aren't they? :D

  8. I already have the book but it is a great way to host a giveaway!! :)

  9. This is fun! I'm not too good at riddles but I'll sure give it a shot.

    I've heard that's a great book.

  10. Janet--you aught to try anyway, it's fun! :)

    Sangu, I'm curious of what your answers are--could you email them to me anyway? XD

    Hannah! Doh...I'll have to do the riddle thing again but with a different book. *Sigh*

    Hi Lisa--I'm sure you'll do just fine! ;)

  11. Ooo, tricky questions. Will try to figger 'em out :-)

  12. Okay, I consulted my smart riddle-loving kids, and now I'll send in my answers. :)

  13. I have the book too, so I won't enter, but I love the riddles - I believe I have 2 answers - gotta work on that 3rd one... :)

  14. Hi Jewel! I love seeing your pretty face! I can't wait to hear your answers! :D

    Angie!!! My kids are the same way!! XD

    Jemi, I can't wait to hear what they are! :)

  15. I can't wait to see what the answers are...I think I know number two.

  16. Hi Sharon! I can't wait, too!!! It'll be soooo much fun! :D


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