Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Query Spoof Time!

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Katie, my awesome buddy from the Creepy Query Girl blog, just gave me the keys to her query spoof vault! Woohoo--thank you!

I've read a few from her contest and they've made me laugh! I feel that us writers need a way to poke fun of all these straight-jacket rules. Let our hair down, you know?

This is one she wrote April 9th of this year. Enjoy!! :D

Dear Unspecified Agent,

I came upon your profile through After reviewing your agency website, I firmly believe my manuscript could be puddy in your strong, well shaped hands. I also like long walks on the beach and sing Sinatra lyrics in the shower.

The world of ‘SAVATAR’ will blow your proverbial socks off. Agent Marmucker has been dealing with the loss of his limbs since the bubblegum factory explosion of 2087. On a secret mission to planet Hooters, Agent M. will have the occasion to live a normal life once more. Through technological mindmelding means, he will incarnate the body of an eleven foot tall native boogyfry named ‘Crut’ and infiltrate their tribe. The knowledge he acquires will change his perception of the human race forever. He alone can prevent a war between the two planets by taming the flaming Spleagle-whats and becoming chief of the boogyfry tribe.

Oh yes, and he SAVES THE WORLD.

This is my first almost finished book and I have been writing non-stop for…..five whole days. I think this could really be the next big thing- bigger than Harry Potter and Twilight put together. I am dead serious. Dead. Serious.

Even my neighborhood psychic Sabine says there’s no doubt that SAVATAR will take the world by storm, and she totally predicted Michael Jackson’s disappearance (he’s still alive, btw) - so trust me when I say that this is a win-win.

Thank you for your time,

Sleep Deprived in Detroit

Do you want a chance at this? I want to hear your own version of query fun, just let me know if you want to and when you post it so I can visit you, please!! I'll work on one, too and post it next Wednesday! ;)


  1. Elizabeth, HA - I love it!!! So great. I truly believe it could be the next big thing. LOL So great. I'm laughing out loud.

  2. Thanks for enjoying the contest so much! Query spoofs defintely allow you to have fun and 'wing it' which helps take some of the pressure off! We take this all SO seriously so its nice to take a few minutes to laugh:) Thanks!

  3. Hi Elizabeth..this is so funny. This is the first time I have heard of Query spoofs, I enjoyed it. It made me laugh for quite some time.

  4. LOL!!! Excellent!! This query letter alone should be the Next. Big.Thing.


    Take care

  5. Absolutely loved this - way too funny!!

  6. Hahahaha this was brilliant, especially the last couple of paragraphs! The Michael Jackson/psychic line just about killed me. Thank you for this!

  7. Haha. That is so great. Now I want to write a query spoof. :)

  8. I agree, it's important to poke fun! Keep us sane. :) Awesome spoof.

  9. What a seriously fun idea! This query was great!

    Thanks for the laugh.

  10. RaShelle, I'm so glad that you're laughing! I'm sorry I missed you at the lunch party you had in Sandy. *Sniff* Next time!!!

    Katie--thank you SO much for letting me post this here, I really, really appreciate it! We should do a blogfest on that alone, hu? ;)

    Rachna! I was laughing when I read this, too! I'd never heard of a query spoof, either, but it certainly is something enjoyable to read!

    Jennifer, really, I so agree with you! I wonder how we could pull that off?

    Jaydee, I'm so glad Katie let me share this! I'm happy you enjoyed it!

    Sangu, wasn't it brilliant? LOL!

    Amber--it had me laughing too! :D

    Lindsay, oooh!! Please let me know if you decide to post it! I can't wait to read it!! :)

    Janet, so right, yes! We need to be sane, though writers are crazy with all the ideas floating around as we try to capture all of them! *whew!

    Kim, you're welcome! I hope the one I write will make you laugh, too! ;)

  11. That was fun! Thanks for sharing a good laugh. :)

  12. This was awesome! And proves why you're worthy of a blog award. It's out there for you, over at my blog. :)

  13. That was great! Thanks for the laugh! It reminds me of "Lord of the Beans" Veggitales movie.

  14. Susan, you're welcome! :)

    Kristie, awww! You're so sweet, thank you for thinking of me! You've made my day!!! :D

    Lisa!!! How cute, I haven't seen that one, I should, hu? ;)


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