Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Next Top Title Blogfest

I feel it's very interesting how Angela is holding this blogfest because I've been reading lots of stuff from fellow writers about what the big deal is with titles. Good one!!!

So you are to guess what my works in progress (WIP) is about just by the five titles alone and which title you like best--great idea, isn't it???

Go here for more title fun! :D

  1. Kill Me Softly
  2. Midnight Sun
  3. Till Death Do We Not Part
  4. Black Dawn
  5. Elixir

LOL, okay, there ya go!! Good luck, my friendz!! :)

Friday mystery was Erin from Bookish in a Box! ;)


  1. Hmm, something about being frozen in ice for centuries
    I think I like 4 the best but it does sound a bit military.

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  3. I like Black Dawn and Elixir the best, they entice me and make me want to read :)

    <3 Kelsey Leigh

  4. I liked Elixir until I saw that Hilary Duff's "Elixir" is coming out in October. Also lots of other books by that name. Dang.

    I'd be interested in seeing the picture for Midnight Sun. Sounds like something in Alaska or Sweden during the summer. If it is Alaska, wild and rugged country, that would interest me. If it was Sweden, I'd assume there would be some steamy scenes.

    Black Dawn sounds military to me, too. Probably because of Black Hawk Down.

    What about Dark Elixir or Midnight Elixir or (fill in word) Elixir?

  5. I like the last two the best. They evoke a little mystery. I disagree with many here that black dawn sounds military. It reminds me of living in a country where they have light for six months and dark for six months. Beautiful connotations there.

  6. I love Black Dawn. Very intriguing!

  7. I like Midnight Sun - it's the use of opposites - suggesting conflict, enmity, contention... lovely!

    take care

  8. My first inkling was towards Midnight Sun. (Killing Me Softly reminds me of that song...ugh)

    Black Dawn seems to be a take on Red Dawn which might be a good thing, depending on your genre.

  9. I like Black Dawn the best, I think. It definitely makes me think something bad's going to happen here. I'm not positive about this, but I think Midnight Sun is the title Stephenie Meyer uses for her take on Twilight from Edward's perspective (which, last I heard - and it's been a while - she did have plans to publish in the future).

  10. oooh I love Till Death Do We Not Part, though I think it might work better if it was 'Till Death Do Us Not Part'!

  11. I love Elixir. For some reason the one word titles are sticking in my head today.
    Very interesting titles...makes me want to know what your WIP is all about!

  12. Till Death Do We Not Part intrigues me, the most. It sounds like you're writing a romance here... :)

  13. Nice work.

    "Kill Me Softly" reminds me of a song that had those words within the lyrics. "He's killing me softly with his song"... or something like that.

    Elixir is a bit. I don't know. I'd need the cover to really see if I liked it or not.

    I like Black Dawn, but anything with Dawn catches my attention by default. While Midnight Sun is different, seems weird but I can't quite tell what it might be about in the slightest.

    The death not part one. It's a bit long and a little intriguing. Makes me think of stuff like the Corpse's Bride or something like that.

  14. Hi,

    Not participating but enjoying reading the entries.

    Black Dawn implies something to come, something dark possibly terrifying and is more or less a good "opening" grab on its own merit!

    The others: nothing grabbed me.


  15. I really like Black Dawn and Elixir. They both are powerful and dark...

  16. Elizabeth - That's so funny. I have a WIP that I have "Killing Her Softly" as a working title! LOL!

    Black Dawn comes off to me as powerful and mysterious mixed with danger. I'd definitely pick it up to read more.

  17. Hi Elizabeth -
    I really like Midnight Sun. Something about the sun out at midnight sounds very cool.

  18. On first glance I liked Kill Me Softly best. It sounds like romantic intrigue. My second choice would be Black Dawn. This one also has mysterious and romantic overtones.

    ~That Rebel, Olivia

  19. I like BLACK DAWN best. It's short, mysterious, and evocative -- just what you want to tease a reading agent and a buyer browsing the bookstore.

    To answer your question about my entry : it has to do with the rise of the Nazi party, the reason for Hitler's fascination with the occult, and of course, vampires in Venice. You know Sam McCord is in the middle of things, too.

  20. As others have sad, Black Dawn has power in it. But it can be interpreted a multitude of ways (not sure if that's good or bad).
    If it's in reference to a place/time, what about "Land of Black Dawn"? That would remove the military bent.

  21. I would say I like "Midnight Sun" except that Stephenie Meyer already took that, and no matter if she didn't publish it, it'll sound like you copied her even if you didn't. Sucks, that. So then I'd vote "Black Dawn" because "Kill Me Softly" reminds me of that song, too...which I don't like. haha But "Black Dawn" is really cool!

  22. Hi everyone, thank you so much for all your wonderful thoughts! I am still working on visiting your blogs for the Fest, so hang tight! Happy Sunday! ;)

  23. I like Black Dawn and Midnight Sun the best. It's unfortunate that Stephenie Meyer has already called dibs on Midnight Sun--I actually thought that Black Dawn sounded more like a title she'd use. Oh well, Black Dawn is cool too.

  24. I would say four or five because I'm pretty sure I've seen the others. But there's no copyright on titles!! :)

  25. I like Black Dawn, too. Midnight Sun is nice, but like KM said, Stephanie Meyer already hijacked that one, and Kill me Softly is too...Fugees. So yes, definately Black Dawn. ; P

  26. I'm torn between Kill Me Softly and Elixir... Kill Me Softly gives a paranormal romance feel and Elixir gives a fantasy feel...good Luck in choosing, hope the Blogfest helped and Thanks so much for participating!!

  27. Genie, true, I wouldn't want anyone to think of Stephenie Meyers with a title like that. My story is one of its own--you're right. ;)

    Palindrome, true, no copyright at all, a good thing, isn't it? I wonder... Hmmmm...

    Tessa--LOL, I really like Kill Me Softly, Black Dawn sounds very interesting, too, I'd have to meditate how it would sit with my novel.

    Angela--It did help, thank you so much for hosting it!!! (Thanks for your thoughts on my titles) :D


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