Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bearing it All

Have you ever felt as if life has become impossible? Too many dishes. Too many dirty clothes. Too many toys. Too many weeds.

The husband didn't get his raise. The car broke down. You can't afford health insurance any longer.

You love writing, but the balance has tipped and now you feel you need to tuck your hobbies away to make time for everything else.

Wait a minute. Something is wrong--can you guess what it is?

With life, there are so many things that can trip our sights that we forget who we are. We are daughters of our Heavenly Father, who loves us . . .

If only we remember this at all times, all places--everything will melt into its proper place and our faith becomes renewed.

It is Christ's place to bear our burdens--He bore them that one night in Gethsemane. Why should I worry about anything if I do what He asks me to do? I believe that if I did them with faith--scripture reading, church attendance, family home evening, Temple attendance--everything will fall into place. I must believe they will. I must trust they will.

With trust in our Father in Heaven, great things can be done.

How does faith help balance out your home, hobbies, and spirituality?


  1. Very inspirational, Elizabeth. I know that faith has gotten me through things I know I didn't have the strength for...I am truly blessed in every way.

    Hope you have a super Sunday!

  2. Right now I am reeling from the death of a mentor. I found out last night on FB, too late to see him again or even make the service. I cried a river, literally sobbed. I am still crying inside and the tears are there, stinging the back of my eyes ready to spill at the slightest provocation.

    While I believe and have faith that nothing happens by accident and everything is perfect in God's world, I am human. I must feel the feelings, whether it is grief or overwhelm. Only then can my world right itself.

    Feelings fuel our words. They breath life in to our writing.

    This too shall pass is one of my favorite saws. This too shall pass.


  3. It reminds me that none of that stuff is truly important.

  4. Beautiful post and so needed! Thanks!

  5. Hi Raquel! I'm so glad to hear that, it certainly makes life more bearable, doesn't it? Enjoy your Sunday, too!

    Olivia--((Hugs)) I'll keep you in my prayers, luv.

    Alex, wow, isn't that the truth? (Can I say amen, brother?) ;)

    Kathi, thank you, I'm happy it helped! <3

  6. Elizabeth,

    I went through some really, really tough times a few years ago with a sick relative. It was then I got the idea for my book. Immersed in research, consumed by the first tentative words scratched on paper, I got through several months of life-or-death crisis. I really think my novel was "given" to me to keep me sane during that time. He knew how to get me through it.

    You'll get through it too. Great post and lovely writing.

  7. Melanie, thank you so much for dropping by and sharing your heart with me. I have no doubt that He gave you the inspiration that created mighty healing for you. That is a wonderful gift! I thank you, too, for your thoughtfulness as well. It's been a wild roller coaster for me. ;)

  8. After a pretty bad week I think your words have been a godsend for me. Thank you.

  9. Thanks Elizabeth. I always need to be reminded of this. You said it beautifully.

  10. Arroyo--((hugs)) I am so happy that you're heart has been touched. I know that life isn't easy--it's a constant battle of uphill travel, but I know that it won't always be that way. "This too, shall pass", right? ;) Thanks for visiting me.

    Kim, thank you! I hope you have a great week! :)

  11. This is so beautiful Liz. And so, so true. Thank you. ♥


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