Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bad Boy Blogfest !

Tina from Sweet Niblets is hosting the Bad Boy Blogfest! I was wondering which of all my bad boys I can put here. Well, my Morgan Taylor would qualify just fine as he jams on his guitar at his very last show of MezzTup's tour. ;)

Flailing arms snared his interest. Front row. Six girls in very little clothing, screamed. They reached for him, jumping up and down as they pushed the resistant security officers. A rush of pleasure colored his face, he knew which girls were his tonight. A lazy grin brightened his face as he darted up the narrow catwalk. The lights were bright on his lashes. He stopped just out of their reach and basked in their shameless desperation. They wept, begging for his touch. He was close. They squealed louder, their flailing hands like claws.

Okay, this is not a stripping scene just so you know! It's my Rock Star, YA contemporary romance--woohoo!

Happy Father's Day
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  1. He sounds like a scoundrel for sure! Great scene. Liked the bit about the light on his lashes...very vivid.

  2. Mmmm...I love it! I need me a rock star with a lazy smile. Thanks for participating!

  3. What every girl wants, right? Loved it!

    <3 Kelsey Leigh

  4. I like the confidence, even arrogance, you get across in him.

  5. He's such a shameless bad boy. Good job! I better go dig out a bad boy scene and get it posted, quick!

  6. Bad bad boy!!!!! I loved it!!!!

    Happy Father's day!!!!

    Take care

  7. Oh, he is not a nice guy at all. But that's ok, nice rock stars aren't very fun.

  8. Ahh, the good old days.
    Now I only have you bloggers as my adoring fans.
    And I know which ones will be mine tonight!

  9. wohoo! Bad, bad boy you've got there...already choosing the girls that'll be his...

    I think I like him!

  10. Short and to the point! we get a lot of his character in this small moment, and he's definitely meeting the bad boy criteria :)

  11. Looking forward to your Movie Dirty Dozen on Monday!

  12. Ooh, juicy man. Rock stars get all the fun. I'm partial to drummers myself.


  13. This was really pumping! Reminds me of a comment of Bono from U2 many years ago - you don't go into rock music for the music - it's to get girls..:)

  14. Raquel, thank you--I like vivid. :D

    Tina--Oooh, I LOVE lazy smiles! ;)

    Thanks, Kelsey! :)

    Stu, wow, thank you, I'm so happy you felt it! <3

    Margaret, Yippeee!! I can't wait to read it! I'm glad you liked it. :)

    Jennifer, thank you! Happy Father's day to you, I hope you're enjoying it! (I always like seen your little kitty cat face on my blog!)

    Thanks, Jemi. :D

    You're welcome, Mesmerix!

    Kate--ROFL!! Oh, that's good, thank you! ;D

    Thanks, Renae. :)

    Andrew! Are you calling us groupies??? LOL!!! I'm curious--who? ;)

    Tessa--ooh, really? :D

    Amalia, thank you! I can't wait to read yours soon!

    Alex, me too! I worked into the small AMs of the morning to get 'er done! :D

    Donna, you'd like Moggie's drummer, Block--he's a cool guy. ;)

    LOL, L'Aussie! Shameless, hu? Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment! :)

  15. "He stopped just out of their reach and basked in their shameless desperation." Whoaho! He nailed those hussy's didn't he? I love the name of the band MezzTup. Good one!

    Thanks for sharing, Olivia
    P.S. Would you stop by my place and let me know what you think about my bad boy? Thank you ever so much!

  16. Hi Olivia!! LOL, thank you! I'm glad you like the band name! I'd LOVE to go over and read yours! It's been a looooooong father's day--been out and just got back. *whew*

  17. I love the idea for your story. And the part where he stops just shy of them reaching him? What a it. Great character, I'm imagining the possibilities.
    Great scene. Would love to read more!!!!

  18. Renae, hi cutie pie! Thank you, I'm glad you like. :D

  19. Moggie is true to his character interview, huh? Cocky little thing, he is!! LOL! Loved it! :)

  20. I enjoyed this. Short, to the point, really characterizes his arrogance and self-image. Nicely done!

  21. I sat on a boyfriend's shoulders once at a Metallica concert. I did not flash the band though. Nor did I want to pursue anything backstage. But man, were there girls that did.

    What a great portrayal of his attitude. So cocky. Excellent.

  22. With the pictures, it really felt like I was there. And letting us into his thoughts made him more of a bad boy, well done.

  23. Rockstars make great bad boys!! They're lovable no matter how detestable. This is a nice moment to share--his "shopping" for his backstage entertainment.

  24. Suzie, I'm tickled that you remember his interview, you so ROCK!!! ;) Thank you for the nice comment. :D

    Hi, Mesmerix, thank you! :)

    Erin, *shuddering* the things I learned from studying the goings-on of them concerts. It's scary if you're a girl! Thanks for sharing! ;)

    Myne, thank you! I hope you have a great week. :)

    Genie, LOL, thank you! I guess the reason why we forgive their badness is because we expect that outta them, hu? :D

  25. I like how much character you got through in such a short paragraph. Great job =)

  26. Lol, our excerpts do go together! Really enjoyed it. As I'm sure you figured out, I love a rockstar story. :)

  27. He's not bad, Elizabeth. He's just human. There is a saying in psychology : most people are only as good as their options. Could any of us resist the flinging of beautiful (or handsome) specimins of the opposite sex night after night?

    Gotta love a rock star story. You did a great job, Elizabeth.

    Have a great week. For a laugh, take a look at the cartoon on my latest post. You don't have to read my post. But I think you'd get a laugh out of the cartoon, Roland


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