Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yikes! There's a Writer in The House!

This had me laughing when my hubby asked me to edit his resume the other day.

It brought me to a time when his instructor assigned an essay. He came up to me and asked, "Hey can you read this and tell me how I can make it better?"

Oooh! I'm a writer. Editer. Critiquer. I can do it! This lands in my expertise!

Well, after I marked it up and handed him his neatly bleeding paper, he . . . guess what?
He hit the roof! He got mad at me and we got into a fight.

He complained with how picky I was. I told him that run-on sentences and misspelled words and the way the content was set up needed tons of work.

Now he is wary every time he asks for help.

How does having a writer work at your house?

(photo found here)

Friday guest was David West! :D


  1. Oh, that's funny. I'm more the spelling Queen. I go to my 12 year old with grammar questions. :)

  2. He should be happy with the professional help, people pay good money for resume writing!! And my kids NEVER let me see their research papers...I'm not even allowed within 5 feet of them when they're working on them...too funny!

  3. Just have to say...
    You are one talented lady .

  4. RaShelle, that's wonderful that you two make an awesome team!

    Angela! Thank you for saying that, he's a bit more careful (and so am I, lol) when he asks for help. I'm more sensitive to his man ego. ;)

    Thank you, Dirty Shorts! :D


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