Monday, May 10, 2010

The Ultimate Multitasker!

Mothers and Writers.

What do we have in common?

are nurses, doctors, janitors, chefs, laundresses, dishwashers, chauffeurs, consultants, comforters, readers, tutors, teachers, suppliers, income bringers, gardeners, coordinators, entertainers, hairstylists, fashion designers, veterinarians, therapists, financial consultants, dentists, secretaries, seamstresses, artists, swimmers, coaches, wood workers, interior decorators, make up artists, story tellers...

are world builders, fashion designers, psychologists, make up and special FX, dialogue builders, budgeting and scheduling, casting, directors, producers, editors, critiquers, clean up crew, characterization, grammar, tight-writing, no adverb using, no POV hopping, POV angles, genres, internalization, believability, honest writers, researchers, word count trackers, patience keepers, perseverance keepers, focus keepers, multi-personality peoples...


My little brain is spinning with all of these different jobs that each do! I know I must have missed some. Feel free to add to the list!

I applaud those who are Mothers and Writers!

Every day is Mother's day! :D

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  1. Oh the list is definitely endless!

    And I thoroughly agree - every day is mother's day!

    Take care

  2. I'm not a mother but I am a writer, and all of those jobs are right on!

  3. The main difference between the two. As a writer you CHOOSE what you want to be that day. As a mother, the choice is made for you. Though I wouldn't trade a minute of the mothering.

    Great Post!

  4. Yes! Yes! and Yes! This is an awesome (and accurate) post, Elizabeth! Love it! :-)

  5. LOL LOVE this post :) I never thought of the writer's side of multi-tasking. :) AND all while trying to live a normal-appearing life

  6. Hi Kitty--it's an amazing woman who can really do both!

    Hi Aubrie! I've heard that the books we write are our babies. What about that kind of mother? ;)

    Hi Lisa! Oh, you are SO right! :D

    Shannon! Hi!! LOL, thank you! It's good to see you! :)

    LOL, Paulette. Tell me about it. :)

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  8. Having kids old enough to want to do decent school projects (including book reports), some of the Writers list starts bleeding into the Mothers list. What's more, as a Writer I try and focus on just one task. My wife, on the other hand, attends to a dizzying array of tasks all at once as a Mom.


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