Monday, May 17, 2010

No Regrets

I woke up today with the strongest feeling to write this. Lisa's post inspired me today. It was a powerful read that had me thinking about how shy I used to be at one time and how I can be even now.

How many of us are shy? There are times when I wonder if what I say/write offends anyone. Or if I sounded foolish.

As a writer, how much of our souls are we exposing? I know a huge part. We are revealing an inner piece of our hearts as we open up.

I posted this quote: "So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains And we never even know we have the key." Aubrie, from Flutey Words, said, "Powerful quote today. I'm wondering what my chains are...maybe my doubts?"

Wow . . .

When I started out in my writing journey, I was reluctant to share with anyone. Sure I was thrilled to tell the story by mouth, but I felt it too personal to let them read it. As time grew older, I got braver. I came out with a few wounds, but they scarred over and since then vanished. I was able to handle criticism the more I shared.

The last few years, I've faced a similar but different phase of writing. That was to let everyone know my love of writing. I would say, "I've written a book," sometime during the conversation. They would politely nod and change the subject. Then, I felt unworthy to 'own' the title of writer.

Now, it's oh so different. Writing is mine and I'm writing's. I can go up to someone and tell them that I'm writing a book and plan to it have published very soon. I don't feel shy about it anymore. It's mine. I've owned up to what I want to be without having to worry about what others may think of me.

How does your writing journey look like? How did you face your demons and finally claim that you are a writer--an aspiring author?

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  1. I must confess, I'm still--in many ways--not claiming that I'm a writer. I do online. I bear everything, my ups and my downs on my blog. But IRL not that many people know. I thought I'd be more open once I got an agent. But still it feels like....maybe I should wait until I sell my book. We'll see what happens when I get to that point. ;)

  2. Hi
    it's great to know that you're at one with writing! :-)

    Good luck with your writing endeavours - your writing is infused with confidence and style and should be published very soon!

    Take care

  3. I'm just like Shannon. I don't tell people I see face to face on a daily basis. My online friends are the only ones that know.

  4. I don't advertise the fact that I write....yet. I will if I ever get an agent! I'm so glad you are inspired to write :)

  5. I think the biggest way I have faced my demons is by putting my name next to the town news column I write for our local newspaper. Now everyone knows I write, unfortunately I'm still not brave enough to admit I write more than just "news".

    I love your line about scars healing and eventually fading. I guess that's the way a writer develops a "thick skin". But I think it's a balancing act ensuring this protective layer is permeable enough to allow the constructive part of critiques through.

  6. Ha! I was forced into it. I let a good friend with a very big mouth read my early drafts and she fell in love with the story. So she told *everyone*. Everywhere we went, whoever we talked to, she'd say, "Hey, Kristie wrote a book!" And then they all looked at me to explain. It was terrifying.

    My husband started doing the same thing, but at first it was to explain my absence when I was tucked into my writing hole while everyone else was having a good time.

    They both forced me into talking about it. And now they are my biggest cheerleaders, helping to spread the word of my upcoming release. I hated them at the time, but I'm grateful now. I don't flubber so much when it comes to saying, "I'm a writer."

  7. I have a hard time saying "I'm a writer" because I don't have anything published. Many times I feel like an imposter. But having gone to Storymakers I realized that I do have at least a little talent for writing. Now when people ask me "Oh, do you write?" I can say, "Yes, but not published--yet."

    I like this post a lot. It can be hard to let those words out, because they come from no one but us. At least it is for me. No one else can be judged for them but me.

  8. I understand your concerns, but glad that you now own the word "writer" and apply it to yourself.

  9. Shannon, wow, you're right. IRL, I share my writing love with close people and don't announce it to others. Kinda like knowing martial arts, one wouldn't necessarily proclaim it, but shows it when necessary. I would do the same as you. At writer's conferences, though, I share my love and goals with everyone! :)

    Hi Jennifer, thank you for you thoughtful comments! It's going to be exciting and scary, me thinks! :D

    Tina, I can see how if someone started saying it everywhere, it can sound boastful. Thank you for your thoughts!! :D

    Thank you, Aubrie! I really love to write and I am constantly thinking of ways to market my book. My hubby tells me one thing at a time and that's to get my book published. But I can't wait!!!!

    Lisa, I'm so proud of you for writing that article! And you are right, we need to be teachable as writers and allow things to sink in for improvement!

    That's so wonderful, Kristie! I can see how mortified you were when it first happened, but it's made you strong, hasn't it??? :DDD

    Hi Rebecca! I know that declaring one's writerhood is daunting at first. But I feel that once we own the name inside, we become stronger--like you did at Storymakers! I'm so happy you went!!

    Hello, Kathi! It's so good to see you here! Thank you, I'm conservative with whom I say it to, but like most everyone said, I can wait to shout it out once I'm published. I think it would be funner to hold my book up and say, "Lookie!!!" ;)

  10. I'm glad you've reached a place of contentment with your status as a writer. =]

  11. Hi Laura! I miss you!!!! Thank you for dropping by! :D

  12. You have an award over on my blog:)

  13. Really??? Ooooh! I <3 awards, thank you, Tina!!! :D

  14. I have no trouble saying that I'm a writer, the trouble/shyness comes with saying that I'm any good at it. I try not to worry too much. I try. Bravo to you, Elizabeth! You writer!

  15. Hi Frankie, thank you! You know what? You ARE good at it, I really enjoy reading every one of your poems! <3

  16. I eventually noticed that I'm happiest and most complete when I'm writing actively. I want to write. I love fiction (books, movies, tv) and I want to create fiction. The imagination is a fantastic thing and I think my imagination is something that should be shared...otherwise, I would drive myself crazy. Hahaha!

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