Saturday, May 15, 2010

Need I Say More?

A fun diddy that Storymakers comes up with every year.

(They're holding a contest, if you can come up with a song and write the lyrics, they'll put you in their film. You must be a Utah resident 'cause they can't fly you in!)

special Friday guest was Jewel Allen--did you guess right?


  1. Elizabeth,
    I just wanted to tell you great vids ,and give a helpful tip when posting ,because blogger sites don't seem to adjust the size if you look at the videos you post.When I look at your videos I only see the left hand side of your videos. You can change the size to fit. You can edit your posts... width="350" height="300" .and it should fit perfectly for your posts. Just look at the codes you post. It's really simple to change them. Just trying to be a helpful blogger friend. I hope it helps .

  2. Elizabeth, you are such a talented lady. Thanks for drawing me!

    And I love the videos from Storymakers! I thought about coming up with something...

  3. Hi Dirty Shorts! *blushing* I should've known better. I really appreciate you letting me know that!! :D

    Jewel, thank you and you're welcome! I've thought of something, but I haven't made the time to do it. *sigh* Shame on me!


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