Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Tribute to You!

I'm planning to go to 3 times a week with posting in my blog starting in June, so that it opens more time for my family and my writing.

So here's a tribute to my blog readers written by
by Frankie from Frankie's Poetry After Noon.

Thank you, Frankie!

The muse is silent

Perhaps on coffee break
I can take it

Is that a bark in the backyard
A knock at the door
Never mind, I've been here before

In fact, I enjoy the silence
To read a book or clean, listen to birds
Or music...MUSE-ic...Is that a pun?

I could doodle, make boats out of noodles
Oh, my, what fun not to worry
She'll come when she comes

I'm patient, no hurry, no worry
Why get mean about it
Laid back, easy going, happy-go-lucky

Perhaps she's with some other writer
Taller, who knows, one who never
Rhymes, writes strictly prose

Who hates metaphor
I've read that type before
Maybe she prefers that

Oh, I'm not jealous
She's a muse and grown
Hundreds of years old and free

To see whom she pleases
I don't own her
I'm just wondering

Where could she be?
Jealous? Worried?
C'mon, buddy, it's me!

I'm just wondering

by Frankie

PS: It's not too late to enter my contest! You have until the 31st to enter. I will announce the winner June 2nd!

photo muse found here


  1. Aw, I'll miss you on Tuesdays and Thursdays but your family and writing must come first. Love the poem!

  2. Thank you for the poem!! Muses could be so elusive sometimes and so touchy too! LOL!

    This is such a wonderful decision to make. Good luck with your writing and enjoy your family - because they both come first, always!

    Take care

  3. Cute poem! I blog three days a week, I couldn't imagine doing more! Enjoy your extra time with family and writing. :)

  4. Loved the poem!!

    Yep, I think three times a week is still a great presence while allowing you time to focus on other needs (writing, the family, etc)

  5. Man I don't even know how you have managed five days a week. You are amazing. Glad you are only cutting back and not cutting out.

  6. Love that, it's got such a great tone and subject!

    I think it's a great idea to open up more time for your family and writing. No one ever said you had to blog every day!

  7. This three times a week thing is looking more attractive now work and home have gotten busier for me. It's an admirable goal, to spend more time with your family and writing, good lady. Good luck!

  8. Nice poem! *hugs*

  9. Hi Shannon--I'll definitely miss you, too! It's been a bit tough doing a 7-day blog, even though I love it to pieces!! *hugs* :D

    Thanks for the wishes, Jennifer, I need all the luck with my writing and fun with my family! ;)

    Susan, how I admire you! I'm so used to doing a full week, I'm wondering how I'll manage 3? Think it'll be a smooth transition? I hope so!

    Jaydee, thank you! I'm looking forward to it--and I know my kids will love it, too! :D

    Amber, thank you! I'd miss you if I cut out. I couldn't do that.

    LOL, Sangu, you are right, it's amazing how freeing that little phrase means to me! *hugs* I can't wait for your Character Blogfest, it'll be soooo fun! :D

    Hello Simon, I wish you the best as well--especially with the summer vacation coming up! :)

    Laura! Thank you--see ya Thursday! ;)

  10. Thank you, Shannon, Old Kitty, Susan, Jaydee, Sangu, and lbdiamond!

  11. Great poem! Loved it :)

    Enjoy the extra time with your family!

  12. I like the poem. Good for you, adjusting blog time for writing and family. If there were only more hours in a day, huh? ;)

  13. Frankie! There you are--your poems rock!! ((Hugs))

    I will, Jemi, thank you! :D

    Dawn, yes, I wish there were more hours in the day. *Sigh*

  14. Elizabeth,

    I was Frankie (my pen name) but now I'm Alex, (the name my mama gave me). I was trying to write poems so quietly that my inner critic would not hear about them and destroy them. It didn't work. So I'm Alex with two poems having survived the deluge.


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