Friday, May 21, 2010

Guess Who? and Lie reveal . . . ;)

She was reluctant at first when it came to writing, but had (still does) an awesome mentor. She has a cherub of a girl (pun intended!) and is a fantastic writer with an agent. She is open-minded and open-hearted!

Can you guess who she is?

1. I'd rather have a spider in my hand than a worm. This is so true. I believe I'm a wormaphob. A spider will skitter off my hand, a worm will wiggle and wet me. Ewww!!!

2. I really love math. I do, really. Imagine a complicated problem that you can solve. What a sense of accomplishment! I did well in everything math in high school and I also enjoy the light in my kidlets' eyes when they finally 'grasp' a problem after I tutor them!

3. I don't like any kind of chocolate-filled pastries. I'm weird that way, really. I love chocolate, but not chocolate pudding inside donuts or little cakes or things like that.

4. I have been in a musical as a giant starfish, dancing across the stage while singing. Lol, funny, but true! It was my first musical performance, too!

5. I love being pregnant. I just love the feel of another life so sacred and precious inside me, and the day the baby born--Heaven opens up and the Angels sing! ;)

6. I have been married 3 times. Never ever ever. This here is the big fat LIE!

7. I love loud, sonorous thunderstorms! Oooh, yeah. I just get chills thinking about them. *Sigh* They actually inspire my creativity, too! ;)


  1. Oh no!! I got it all wrong!!! :-) You love maths and you don't like chocolate filled pastries!! LOL!!

    Well done you - you really got me there!

    take care

  2. Oh! So it was four truths and one lie? I thought it was the other way around- four lies and you h ad to find the truth! at least I was right about number 3

  3. I love thunderstorms too. When I was a child my mother had the wisdom to transform what could have been scary sounds into an amazing and intriguing symphony. I agree, they are very inspirational! The louder, the better!

    Those were great! But I have no idea who the picture is.

  4. To this day, I still hate thunderstorms.

    Loved learning more about you. I think your truths rock!

  5. Beautiful picture! It looks just like her. Wonderful.

    I like thunderstorms too, but I think I'd rather touch a worm than a spider. Worms don't bite!

  6. Hi Jennifer! LOL, yeah . . . XD Funny hu?

    Query Girl--yippee!!! :) It was reversed this time, a bit easier than thinking up believable likes. ;)

    Lisa, how wonderful! I can imagine how magical that was to you and even now! I had to do something similar when my oldest was frightened of jets and airplanes thundering over head (we used to live the an Airforce Base, poor thing).

    Thanks, Jaydee! I love lightning that comes with it, but it is a bit scary! :D

    Thank you, Angie. LOL--when I was 10 I was wiping away little black specks from my mother's flower garden, unaware of what they were. I believe they were some kind of web worm infestation in that spread throughout Texas. Well, when I pulled my had away, the place where the worm sat on hurt! I don't know if it was my fear of it or if it bit me!!!

  7. I love thunderstorms as well. They're beautiful :)

  8. You hold the spider, I'll hold the worm - deal? I guessed right, I just didn't want to say until I knew! :)

  9. Jemi, aren't they the greatest??? ;)

    Michelle, as long as you aren't anywhere near me, you're good! ;) How neat that you knew which one was true--you're so intuitive! <3

  10. Awesome drawing! I'm going to have to go through and see who else you've drawn. =)


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