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This is an excerpt, page 17 to be exact, from my Eros YA Romance Novel. Cupid has just been evicted from Mt. Olympus by the vindictive goddess of love, Aphrodite. His mom. He is to fend for himself. Seems to me like he's getting along famously, don't you think? But I'll let you be the judge!

“I like it when girls are soft. When they are breathless.”

She shrugged and dropped her face until her hair covered her eyes.

“Here, let me show you.”

Angie shrugged again and rolled her lips between her teeth. What an idiot she was. Of course it would be too wonderful to be real to have some gorgeous Greek hunk to want her. Even as a simple friend.

The cushion beside her depressed and she lost her balance with a shriek.

She gazed up into an endless pool of ocean green framed by dark cattail lashes. His smooth and flawless skin screamed out to her. His long hair soft wisps around his face.

“W-what?” she stammered.

Eros pressed a finger to her lips as he glided his thumb over the corner of her mouth. His hands felt soft and feathery against her face. His breath a soft puff of heavenly breeze.

Angie forgot how to breathe. She forgot how to kiss. She even forgot how to close her eyes. Too stunned to do so, she watched Eros with rapt fascination as his long lashes swept shut, the delicious corner of his mouth visible to her greedy stare.

She heard Eros smile.

“Soft. Breathless. Can you feel yourself?”


Eros pulled away, his hands tangling in her hair. “I like it when girls listen to my touch.” He ran his knuckles across her cheekbone. Angie leaned into his caress. “I like it when girls listen to my breath.” He hovered over her ear and she shuddered with pleasure. “I like it when girls listen to my kiss . . .” He brushed his lips across her cheek until he met the corner of her mouth.

Angie squeaked when Eros pulled away, replaced by a sudden cruel cold whoosh.

She blinked many times and found him sitting across from her, his eyes half-closed as he watched her.

“Why did you stop?”

“I only wanted to show you what I like.”

“You did?” Angie sighed, trying so hard to still her wild heart. “So you liked it?” She couldn’t help how he could like her.

Thank you for dropping by! I hope you enjoyed this read! :)


  1. "This man is prettier than I am."

    I can't remember what that's from.

  2. Oooh Eros is such a TEASE!


    Take care

  3. Hey my dear you did the black-on-black text thing again...

    But wow, sexy story! *cheeks go hot*
    That's x-rated flirting, right there! *takes a deep calming breath*

    Great stuff!

    ps. watch the 'shrugged' in the first paragraph...

  4. Oh, that Eros is HOT! LOVE the things he says. This was a great read. My entry's over on my blog. Nice job!

  5. LOL. Ok, this reminds me of the guy I dated when I lived on the Greek island. TOOO HOT TO HANDLE, gave me shivers just looking at him and ended up being the biggest naive, narrow-minded, egocentric arsehole I'd EVER met. Gotta watch the 'too good to be true' types - ya really do - trust me. I hope you turn this guy into a nice one ;)

  6. I think Eros is being mean to her, and if he's any kind of Greek God, he knows exactly what he's doing, too!

  7. LOL,what a tease. I think I'd need to kick him just to calm myself down.

  8. Oh, that was hideously cruel! LOL Veeeeerrrrryyyy hot! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow...he is all about the tease isn't he. She is in trouble for sure. Great tension.

  10. If you're gonna put Eros into your book, THIS is the way to do it. Bad! (And well done at that!)

  11. Hi David! LOL, I don't know where it's from, either. :)

    Thanks, Kitty! Glad to see you!

    Tessa--*hitting my head into my fist* DOH! I can't believe I did that today and I wasn't able to fix it til now!! BAD me, BAD me!!!

    Ooh, Jessica, really??? I'm sorry that happened to you, that's sad... I turned it into a novel! ;)

    Amalia, he sure knows what he's doing... :D

    Thank you, Sharon! I'm glad you liked it.

    Thanks Raquel! She really is in for a huge change in her life!

    Yes, he is Courtney! I'm glad you loved it!! :)

    Hey, thank you, Bryan!! Wait til you read the rest of it!!! :D

  12. Wow - I think she should probably stay away from him, but of course she won't ;P Very nicely drawn!

  13. Hi Frankie!!! It's nice to see you. Thank you! :D

    Hi Rebecca--yeah, you're right, she can't stay away from him. Tee hee. ;)

  14. Sweet niblets! I want a Greek god. Do you have a spare one around? *winks*


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