Thursday, May 20, 2010

Awards, Thank yous and Returns! :)

Wow, I've been hoarding all them wonderful awards and
finally dared to open the trove and they all came a-tumbling all around. So, I feel it's time to set them free and give them a new home! :)

Here. We. Go . . . !

My fun and sweet friend, Nichole Giles over at Random-ish by Nichole, has awarded the Happy 101 award. She's such a sweety--don't let her beautiful face intimidate you, she has a golden heart! Thank you, Nichole!

I am to list 10 things that make me happy and pass it to 10 wonderful bloggie friends--how fun is that???

1. My husband and how he does everything he can to please me.
2. My kids not fighting!
3. Singing songs with a pretty arrangement.
4. Writing in my journal, novels, blogs . . .
5. Making someone smile. :D
6. Going for a walk when the day is nice and warm.
7. Knowing that my prayer has touched someone's heart.
8. Making friends and cherishing them.
9. Dancing to music with a strong beat.
10. Sharing what I have that make others happy.

I give this wonderful award to:
  • Lisa Turner who is one of the most honest, giving friends I know!
  • Old Kitty who is very encouraging, thoughtful and always brings sunshine to my heart!
  • Aubrie from Flutey Words, who makes my heart smile with such thoughtful words!
  • Christine Bryant, who has been the thoughtful kind friend that I need whenever I am down!
  • Rebecca Blevins, who is such a sweet, friend and shared her cute baby with me at LDStorymakers!
  • Danyelle Leafty who is a sweet, kind friend with wise thoughts that uplift me!
  • Paulette Pendragon Inman, who is very caring and thoughtful and extremely talented, thanks for the awesome book, Paulette!
  • Shannon O'Donnell, who has a creative mind and loves kids!
  • L.T. Elliot, who is the most self-less, caring friend any one can ever have!
  • Lori Nawyn who has such a big heart, I'm glad you're my friend, Lori! :)

Jessica from Alliterative Allomorph and Mel Chesley at Writings, Musings, and other Such Nonsense, were so sweet and thought of me with this award. Thank you, ladiez!!! (Me thinks it was a conspiracy!) ;)

The Sugar Doll Award is about joy and happiness. In accepting the award, we have to agree to list 10 things that people may not know about you and then pass the award to fellow bloggers whose blogs bring joy and happiness to your life.

1. I wrote a horror story when I was 14 and tore it to pieces when I read it later--it really freaked me out!
2. Made it purple belt in Kempo Karate, but quit because I didn't like the way my instructor taught me.
3. Finds coloring my awesome drawings with any other medium besides pastels and color pencils intimidating because I haven't taken the time to learn the techniques!
4. Would rather help a friend in need than write (and I am a writing addict!)
5. I have taught my kids how to wash their own laundry.
6. I am learning how to crochet so that I can pass it onto my kidlets!
7. Find weeding the garden relaxing.
8. Saw the movie Avatar over 10 times! (*Blushing*)
9. I love to invent happy endings to already published books that I think stink.
10. I am actually more afraid of becoming a published author than remaining stagnant.

Okay, whew, so glad that that's over with, it's hard think of things no one knows about me since I'm always sharing what I do with everyone! :D

Okay, passing the torch along to my bloggie pals that bring smiles to my heart: Ali Cross, Jessica Bell, Shari Bird, Lisa Turner, Kim Coates, Amber Lynae, David West, and Carolina Miller. I have tons more, but it would take forever to read all the names.

Harley from Labotomy of a Writer
gave me this award! How fun! Just like her, I had a hard time trying to think of invented truths about me--in other words, lies. LOL. I can either tell 7 outrageous things about myself, and have you guess which is true and which isn't.
I'll then pass it on to seven others!

1. I'd rather have a spider in my hand than a worm.

2. I really love math.

3. I don't like any kind of chocolate-filled pastries.

4. I have been in a musical as a giant starfish, dancing across the stage while singing.

5. I love being pregnant.

6. I have been married 3 times.

7. I love loud, sonorous thunderstorms!

I pass this award to Michele Bell, Kimberly Job, Jenn Johansson, Julie Wright, Sheila Staley, Abby Annis, and Melissa Cunningham!

Angela, from Slushpile Slut, has bestowed the Happiness 101 Award! Thank you, you are such a sweetheart! :D
I'm to write 10 things that make me happy, but since I have done that already, I'll think of small and simple things:

  1. family
  2. hugs
  3. children
  4. springtime
  5. flowers
  6. good movies
  7. good books
  8. writing
  9. crocheting
  10. FRIENDS!!!!!!
I get to choose 5 wonderful peoples-friends:

Kim Coates at Sometimes Hard, But Oh-So Worth It!
Amber Lynae at Seroiusly Amber Lynae
Jewel Allen at Pink Ink
Jenn Johansson
Rebecca Blevins at I am a Pistachio

Tina Lynn from Sweet Niblets has given me this wonderful award!
Thank you, Tina! I really loved the sweet things you said about me! :D

I think this is one of the coolest awards I have seen out there, because it is in honors to our . . . commenters!!! This is for you! This goes out to anyone and everyone who ever left a comment. You make my heart smile! Thank you for all your wonderful, uplifting thoughts, guyz! :D

Whew! Have a wonderful week!



  1. Wow, look at you, strutting around with your bad self. That's a lot of awards. *bows*

  2. Wow!! Congratulations with these wonderful awards - brilliant!! And what lovely things that make you happy and smile.

    As for the untruths about yourself?? Hmmm. No-one on this planet likes maths (except, er, mathematicians! LOL!), no-one!! And as for not liking chocolate filled pastries?? That is such an untruth!!! Hmm, spiders or worms?? I like worms. I have great respect for spiders too. Hmm...I'll have to ponder that one! :-)

    Awww Thank you so much for my fab award!! Thank you!! It's so apt as I do love, love, love sweet things!

    This was such fun to read! Take care

  3. wow! that must've taken forever to post!

  4. Thanks so much for my award! I think you like thunderstorms, but not math!

  5. Congrats on all your awards and to the winners!

  6. Thanks for the award! LOL! I will have to think upon the 7 truth/lies about myself before posting. It is hard to figure yours out because many of those things people really do like. Have a good day!

  7. Woo hoo - congrats on all those awards!!

    And thanks, now I have a lot of new links to check out :)

  8. Thanks for the awards! I'm honored (truly).

    If you were a musical starfish, I think you should post a pic!

  9. Oh I love your blog! I'm so glad you found me yesterday! What a perfect day to come in too, I learned something about you. I also really like your writing tip of the day.

  10. Thanks so much Elizabeth! Look at all your pretty new awards, you popular girl! :-)

  11. LOL! Tina! Naw, me? Thank you. You may rise. *grins* ;)

    Hi Jennifer!! I'll reveal the truths v. untruths with tomorrow's post!! :) Great guess, though.

    You are so right, Tamara! It took hours. Whew...but it was soooo much fun! :)

    You're welcome, Aubrie!!! ;)

    Query Girl, thank you! :)

    Sheila, you're so cute! Let me know when you post it, it'll be so fun to read! ;)

    Thank you, Jaydee! <3

    Lisa! Thank you and you're very welcome!!! ((Hugs)) :D

    Hi Lisa Gail! Thank you, you've warmed my heart. I'm so glad that I found your blog, too!!! :)

  12. Yikes!!! I didn't see your comment there, Shannon until now! I'm sorry. :( Thank you, you're so kind! (How is your cute book coming along?) :D

  13. Thanks I am sure you are the first person to ever call me a sugar doll.

  14. Congrats on all the awards and thanks for thinking of me! :)

  15. Wow - congrats on the pile of awards!! :)

  16. Thank you, Lizzie. You're so kind to me. What can I do to show you how much it means to me? Lunch? A movie date?

  17. Looks like you've been extra busy in blog land, earning all those awards. Thanks for passing them on to the rest of us.

  18. Oh my word, that's a serious amount of awardage! Congratulations, dearheart. And thank you so much for thinking of me for the Sugar Doll award. You are so kind! I'm very flattered :D

  19. Wow! Thanks Liz. You're awesome to share your awards with us. :)

  20. David! ROFL!!! Oh! *wiping tears* I guess I just did! ;)

    Hi Abby! Thank you and of course--you're such a lovely person! :D

    Thank you, Jemi!! ;)

    Hi Laura! Aww, you're so sweet! I've been so wanting to go out with you again--you're such fun company to keep!! E-mail me, pweeze!

    Hi Kim! You're most welcome! You're such a sweety, how could I not?

    Carolina, you are so very welcome! I'm so happy I made you smile. :D

    Christine! You're welcome! Luv ya! ((hugs))

  21. LOL thanks sweet heart! You do know that you gave me back the one I gave you? :)

  22. Congrats on all your awards, and thanks for thinking of me. :)

  23. Check out all those awards! You are pop-u-lar!


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