Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Worm Squealer to Worm Hero!

I'd never dreamed of the day that I would rescue worms.

They terrify me. They are squishy and spineless and gross. Spiders? Now spiders I can handle. But never worms. Bleh!

Today (Monday) is a beautiful morning--the clouds are lingering as they peek into the pools of rain they left behind. I was on my way back from dropping my kidlet at school and spotted a super long earth worm gasping for breath.

I hesitated. My teen girl would be so proud of me if I told her I rescued it. I sighed, then tried to rationalize my way out. Wouldn't it look weird to see an adult crouching at the curb?

I thought so.

I walked on. Then I stopped and looked back. My girl would be proud . . .

I went back and did something I NEVER do. I touched it! Ew! But it was too slippery. I found a leaf, scooped it up, and flung it to the nearest yard.

"There," I said, doing the colly-wobble dance.

My sister happened to stop by in her van. She was shocked to see how brave I was. "You deserve a gold medal!"

I felt good about that, so I saved every worm after that, flinging them to the grass.

I think this is very much like writing. It starts off as a thought. A brave choice, considering the fears and challenges we must face. What is your motivation? It could be for the joy of it. It could be for money, fame--prestige? It could be as a powerful example for your loved ones--become your dreams.

The first step is always the scariest because there's so much to learn and apply and grow from. Becoming an author is a journey--especially if you want to be published. I found that the more I surround myself with writers groups, writing friends, and all writerly things, it's gotten easier. Its a rough journey, I must admit. But the knowledge I've gained . . . !

I've finally faced my fears and dared to rescue the poor little worms from drowning. What were your fears as you took on the writing challenge of becoming an author, aspiring or otherwise?


  1. Go YOU! See it's the other way around for me. Spiders send me screaming!!
    I agree that surrounding myself with fellow writers and communities made me more BRAVE!

  2. All hail the worm saver - so funny and visual. Great analogy and good job conquering your fears. There were many fears when I began writing - mostly the fear that I couldn't do it - still have that fear though - I'm working on conquering it. Thank you for the encouragement to be brave.

  3. Hello Christina! LOL, you should've heard me when I dared to touch the thing with my bare hand! Then I saw a brave little leaf that helped me. :D

    I'm glad that I took that first step to reach out to other writers, because, rather than feeling like a just a dream, it feels real when I share my ideas with others who are just as crazy as me! ;)

    Mary--thank you, thank you! *curtsying*
    One thing is that I'll never so voluntarily touch a worm again--a stick works very well.

    I think all writers have a certain amount of fear, you know? Because so much of our success rides on the approval of others. *sigh...

    Thanks for dropping by, guys! :D

  4. Oh, Scott would be so proud. Did you save them for a princess party worm fight?! Ha ha ha.

    My fears were/are the usual - failure, disappointment, criticism.

  5. One of my biggest fears was that I would write something and they would say it was horrible. You shouldn't take up writing. That scared me most... because for me, I knew I couldn't stop. Fortunately, I've never been told that.


  6. What a great way to relate to writing, Lizzie. That first "rescue" is terrifying but in it, I've saved myself. And there's no price for that.

  7. A princess part worm fight? OOoh, that's interesting. My teen girl would protest to worm cruelty. ;) *shuddering*

    Ann! That's wonderful! We can be our own worst enemies. So glad you didn't give up!! :D

    I'm so glad, Laura--you are such a sweet sweet girl. I hope you're doing better. ((hugs))


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