Monday, April 12, 2010

What about Outlet?

Edits. Critiques. Synopsis. Networking. Queries. Rejections. Contracts. Signings. Sound Familiar?

A writer's life is full of twisting turns. More wild than a mad roller coaster--except roller coasters don't have rider's block.

I'm always thinking about writing. It's like a ghost haunting me day in and day out. I love to air out the haunted mansion by recording my characters'
demands on empty pages. I love writing--it's my most favorite obsessions I have in my life. But there are times when I need to escape from it, you know?

It follows me everywhere! Into the shower, bed, church (I try to leave it behind at church--but when someone mentions a cool life story or a quote I think, ooh ooh! That would make a rockin story!)

There are times when I feel boxed in. I read several blogs and I came across one that talked about open spaces or holed up--what kind of writer are you?
I think I am both. I need an outlet rather than my hobbie--lol.

I need to swim a thousand laps, dance the night away, run 10,000 miles. My mind needs decluttering from too much obsessing.
I'm going stark, raving mad!!!! Whew . . . Then I'll feel better.

I know that reading can be extremely healing, but . . . it still involves the writer in you.

What are your outlets from the writing world?


  1. Is that the new choker you made? It's beautiful!

    My other outlets? Movies, horse-back riding, gardening (this is new), board-games, video-games...bunches and bunches. I sometimes forget to get involved in them (writing IS an obsession!) but when I do, it's like rediscovering the sun.

  2. I'm suffering from the same thing right now. I know how you feel! My WIP is following me around like Mary's little lamb. I just want to do another activity and have it NOT jump into the foreground of my thoughts. PLEASE? Sorry no suggestions. I'm in need of some myself :)

  3. I try to relax from writing and reading by watching movies I like. Usually actions or comedies.

    And of course rough housing with the kids.

  4. I like yours! I'm definitely a wide open spaces kind of girl.

  5. I take walks. I know what you mean about having to escape from what started out as being an escape. Writing takes us over. Walking and hanging with family - helps to refresh me.

  6. Love those pictures! I like to go camping, read books, hang out with the family, and sing. Singing is my second great obsession.

  7. Laura! Horseback riding sounds like so much fun. I wish we owned some land and a few horses--that was our dream as we first started out in our marriage!

    Hello Jessica! It's so hard to have it follow you and not able to do anything about it. :(

    What a sweet daddy you are, David! I'm glad you rough house with your kidlets! :D

    Nisa, there's just something about wide open spaces. The feeling of freedom... *sigh*

    Hi Mary! Now that the weather is getting nicer, I can see walks as a definite alternative! I love those.

    Oooh, Angie--singing? I adore singing. It's been my wildest dream to become part of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir since I was fifteen!!


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