Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thinking aloud . . .

I've been thinking a lot lately about my blogging. I have lots of fun putting myself out there and sharing my heart with everyone. That's me. I love to make friends, nurture them, and share with them.

I know it's an impossible (more like improbable) feat to get to know each and every one of you in person--but imagine how fun it would be to?

Everyone of you is so special and talented and brilliant. I've read your blogs, posted comments and followed you. It's a wonderful way to reach out and get to know others.

You have your ways of expression and reaching out.

I feel as if I am still trying to discover mine. Have you ever felt the Lord's hand in your change? Like he's saying, "You need to go here . . ." or as if you are clay in his hands? I've been feeling that a lot lately. I can feel myself being directed and shuffled and moved--like a pawn on a great big chessboard.

Call me crazy--I know this all may sound nuts--

I hear voices in my head! LOL, what writer doesn't, really? Every one of us is a pen in God's hand--whatever we write is inspired of Him. There is a reason and a purpose. In my heart, I truly feel that if you really want to get published, you will if you dare pursue it.

I will most likely change the patterns of my posting. Next week, there may be days I won't post. I don't know. I feel a change in the air and I don't know where it's taking me. All I know is that I need to connect with you in a more intimate way--as if we've known each other forever.

I'll be open and honest and forward. Actually, I always have been, but I want it to be more me. Not some formal instructor trying to get a point across.

How do you feel when you write your posts? What inspires you to choose what topic? Do you feel as if you've got it all down--or like you still need to find out who you are in the bloggie world?


  1. My mother was half-Lakota, and she called God by the name the Lakota do : The Great Mystery. I sometimes use that name as well, for what He is up to many times is a great mystery to me.

    But mostly I call him 'Father.' And when I write my blog, I know He is listening, and I want to do Him proud. Also many of my friends know that once I was a creative writing teacher in high school, so they ask me various "How to" questions that I try to answer in my blog.

    Still, most of the times I write to a friend I haven't met yet that I picture reading my blog who hurts more than is apparent, who has less time than is needed, who dreams silently, and smiles less than he/she would want -- so I write accordingly.

    Then sometimes I see sights on my runs that take my breath away, and I try to convey those images. If you have the time, check out my March post, LAST EXIT TO EDEN. I think you may like it.

    May The Father grant you enough light and strength for the next step on your path, Roland

  2. Hi, Roland--thank you for this thoughtful comment. I've visited your post and read it entirely. It is so beautiful. I love the world around us and am forever grateful for the love He has for us.

  3. I actually haven't thought about 'who' I am. I just be myself. I suppose I've already surpassed the years of self-discovery. I know who I am and I like who I am - 'and if you don't like me - stiff shit (as we would say in AUS)'

    I guess, Elizabeth, you just have to keep writing until you find 'your' voice. The voice that no matter how hard you try to changed keeps slipping into our prose somehow.

    You'll know when it happens - or perhaps you already do know, but you're trying to groom it into something it's not. My advice is to just let it flow - which I think you do really well in your blog posts :) I can tell that your writing isn't at all pretentious - and I love your honesty - don't lose that!

  4. I look at my blogging like I look at my writing or my teaching. It's a journey and I'm busy discovering myself, my likes and dislikes, what works and doesn't, my strengths and weaknesses. It's an ongoing journey, and I might like parts of it, but I really believe it's made me the person I am today, who happens to be someone I like and think is a better person than the one who started on this journey.

  5. I just try to be helpful, encouraging, and a little humorous. Most of my posts are a last minute flash of an idea of what to write about. Some of my characters have started demanding an appearance so I'm sure my posts will have something from them soon! My brain tends to be a bit flighty, I jump from idea to idea, and I think my blog reflects that nicely as I don't have any sort of order to my posts or what topics I post about.

  6. Hey, Jessica! I know it sounds pretty weird, but every time I try something knew (though it's been a bit over a year), I feel as if I need to find how I fit into it. I've felt, lately, that I need to change it a bit, but am not quite sure in which way. Thank you for your thoughts!

    Wow, well said, Sarahjayne--just as in our writing and finding our voice and style and even our place in life--its a journey. (Why didn't I think of it that way??) Thanks for enlightening me!

    Harley, that's wonderful to have such brilliant bursts of inspiration. A lot of the time I get those and write them down. Thank you for your thoughts! I really appreciate it!

  7. Oh, I like this!! I've never been one to blog for the sake of keeping up daily posts. I only blog when I feel like I have something to say (which is often, but no always, and even then, I don't always have the time to do it, or at least to do it well). But I think it's important to follow you instincts--some will say that your instincts are the voice of God. I've discovered that when I go against my instincts, things don't generally turn out well for me. So, I must say, I'm quite glad to see you following the voice--and heart--inside of you. And what a positive motivation to act: to get to know others in a more intimate way. Positive energy breeds positive results, I think.

  8. Hello Carolina! You're so right. I'm such a worrier and always want to do things the right way. It's amazing I don't have more white hair than I do already! ;)

    I love how you said that the instincts are the voice of God. Wow, so profound...I feel the same way.

    Thank you for dropping by--have a great Easter! :D

  9. I'm just like you! I'm still trying to figure out my blogging style. It changes from time to time.

  10. Hi, Tamara! It drives me crazy, these feelings! I guess I shouldn't quite take it to heart and just be me! :D

  11. How do you feel when you write your posts?

    My Answer: I feel like I need a laugh, and a little shock and awe ,and really, I am about making goofy pictures,and hoping that people get it,and that "The Evel One" really isn't the Evil one,and just a character I made for laughs to abuse.

    What inspires you to choose what topic?

    My Answer: The world events,and how we all seem to cast blame. Instead of taking responsibility for our own dumb actions.

    Do you feel as if you've got it all down--or like you still need to find out who you are in the bloggie world?

    My Answer: I'm just blogging to have fun,and share,and I will always make mistakes.
    People can sit ,and watch ,and follow,or not,and I am fine with that.
    Good post as always Elizabeth.


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