Thursday, April 29, 2010

Run A w a y MCs . . . !

There was a particular scene in my Rockstar MS where I had my mind made up to have one of my main characters (MC) act a certain way when Moggie (the hero) revealed a truth about himself.

Well, as I wrote, that particular MC took hold of the situation and behaved SOOOO differently, it literally took me off guard!

I know that MCs come to life and direct the plot, but this was so weird. But I let her take control because that's how she was supposed to act during that revealing moment.

Think about it. Really. For those of you who have studied psychology, how do you explain this? How do you explain the fact that fictional characters take on a life of their own like sentient beings? Is it that writers truly are insane--the multiple personalities that haunt us all the time? The voices in our heads?

We'd be thrown head first into an asylum in the good ole days if we ever said so much a word about the . . . voices.

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  1. Ooooh "the voices"!


    I so agree - writers need to be a little insane to create beings who seem real and then are!

    Oh how spooky!

    Take care

  2. Once, my MC fell in love with the wrong man and I had to go back and rewrite half of the book! I don't know how that happened.

  3. I took a few psych classes, but can never be too sure what to think when my characters run off doing something I don't want them to. They're so funny.

  4. I tend not to look at it as if I'm crazy, rather that my characters turn into misbehaving children.

  5. That is so awesome. I had this happen to me recently, when my main character (accidently) kills his mother. It wasn't in my plans to have that happen, but the story took on a life of its own. Having gone through it once though, my advice is to embrace this whenever it does happen.

    Welcome to the insanity of being a writer :)

  6. Hi Kitty! So true, isn't it? But imagine where we'd be without them!

    LOL, Aubrie! Isn't that funny? There was a time when I gave my MC the free agency to choose for herself. It took my story to it's climax so much sooner and tastelessly so. I told her no, it's my turn! She obeyed quite nicely, too!

    Hi Carolyn! I wish there were studies done on the writer's mind. Imagine what kinda stuff they'd find there? *shiver*

    Jaydee--so true! I don't look at it as crazy, but passionate about my "children", too! Great way of putting it. :)

    Hello, Eric! Funny that stuff like that happens, hu? But it's amazingly great. Love writing! *sigh...

  7. This has happened to me so many times. I don't think most writers are insane. But there is a point where we become so invested with what's in our imaginations that we have to ask ourselves: who are we to say these "imaginings" aren't real?

    One of many awesome things about the writing life.

  8. Hi Elle! So very true. I feel that writers must be at one with their inner selves in order to delve into the magic of their imagination. Gotta love writing! :)

  9. There is something spiritual to the connection of writing and so I suggest you follow that path and see where it goes.

  10. You mean the voices aren't normal? Hm. This is embarrassing, then. Maybe I should stop responding to them in public...

  11. Hey, David. I always do and my stories always end up well-rounded!

    LOL, Simon. I guess they are normal for every writer. I can imagine you walking down the hallway, batting the air, saying, "No, I told you to stop that already." ;)

  12. I see fake people. . .

    It's good to know I'm not alone. IF you find a psychologist who has answers to that conundrum, let me know. I might need some help.

  13. just gonna say, right about now a padded, quiet cell sounds pretty good. as long as i get a laptop. or pen and paper.

    I had a MC do this to me. I was on a streak, writing like never before--totally driven. Then my MC said, "Kill him." And I'm all, WHAT?? Wait! Had to pull his wife out of my bag of tricks to talk him down.

    We may be on to something, though. Literary psychologist. Mental health for the authors among us.

  14. Hi Lisa! I don't think you need help. I honestly believe it makes for a better writer that we hear them voices!

    Cheri! That might be a question for Jeannie Campbell! She's a Character Therapist and a psychologist and writer. Thanks for reminding me! (gotta LUV them MCs, hu?) :D

  15. Hey,
    I've gone through a transition. I used to talk to myself all the time, then as a started to write, I would answer myself. I used to worry about it. Now, I don't even think it's weird unless I lose the arguments too often. I've come to realize I'm not talking to myself as much as I'm talking to my characters. They are my friends and constant companions. I just tell thier stories.


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