Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rock Star!

Hi everyone! It just hit me today. I've always wanted to know how other writers progress in their block-by-block building of every novel they write, like a tour, you know?

So I'll do just that.

I wrote a story called Rock Star, roughly a year ago. It finished at a whopping 26,442 word count (a skimpy 109 pages!) A real skeleton. Yikes! At that time, Melissa Cunningham critiqued it for me and I tucked it away. Uh, yeah, she was the first and only one to have read it.

I wrote 2 books after that, and finally decided that it needed my TLC.

I submitted Rock Star to my rockin' crit group, Scrawl, October 2009. The comments were enlightening and eye-opening. (I need to change the ending entirely.) I was ready to take on the challenge. After a three months (NaNo in November, December were too busy for edits, and I worked on crit one of Scrawl's MSs), I decided to hit my edits hard.

At the time, I thought the story a wild ride. I loved it. But ever since bringing it out from its crypt, I find myself cringing with embarrassment. I've been hacking, grafting, weeding, cinching, eliminating, and rewriting the novel to death.

It's been a bloody battle . . .

Now I'm at 98,782 words, 372 pages long. A-mazing! I'm pretty close to finishing with my revising! So happy with the refining process of decheesifying the cheese (ugh).

I've grown pretty close to my MCs. They've just bloomed to life. I've found myself crying, laughing, and cheering them.

I calculate 3 more chapters and I'm done my rewrites.

Then I plan to go back tighten it, clean up adjectives, and use Margie Lawson's techniques on blowing the reader's minds away, after which I'll submit it to Scrawl again. Then I'll clean it up and . . . submission time! Whoohoo!

Okay, but before I do that I need work on my synopsis--Yippee! Everyone's favorite part of the entire writing process.

I actually did a hunt to help clarify how Moggie (Morgan Taylor) my MC looks like, and I found it!

Where are you at in your WIP? Have you hunted photos that suit your MCs?
(photo of Michael Praed found here.)

To read a scene, go here


  1. Way to go, girl :) I wish you every success.

    Keep pushing and you will get there. Good luck with the synopsis...lol...And thanks for visiting my blog!


  2. WOWEE that's lots of work. My first is shelved and two more ideas after that. I am almost done editing my current one and then off to query--yikes!!

  3. Hunting for photos is the best part! I definitely have a Aragorn character in my WIP. But I'm stuck in the middle: 47,000 out of 75-80. Congrats on all that you've achieved on yours!

  4. Kudos to you on coming back to this one and making such progress. I have old stories from way back when sitting in the attic, but I don't know that I could ever go back and make something of them. Too many new ideas to work on. But it might be interesting to see what sits patiently there... ROCK STAR must have been fermenting in the back of your mind, though, and you must love it. Can't wait to read it!

    I like your new, expanded version of "About Me," too. I feel like I know you a little better now. :)

  5. Good for you! That's great progress.

    Funny, before I titled my current WiP, I saved it in Word as Rock Star :)

  6. Isn't it amazing how a story can become something else when you begin to edit. I'm impressed you stuck it out so well. Way to go!

    BTW--my male MC has a picture. I needed something visual when I was trying to write his description. Thank goodness the internet is full of photos of (clothed) male models.

  7. Hi

    I just wanted to say a big hello! My goodness 3 more chapters and your done!! This is wonderful, wonderful news! I wish you all the luck with your editing and synopsis writing and of course with your submission!

    I read the excerpt and really enjoyed it (the cat - Moggie?- playing the guitar was also brilliant! LOL!).

    Take care

  8. Wow! Great Job! You are like a writing machine. No, you aren't like one, you ARE one! Go Rock Star!

  9. Hi Kurt! Thanks for the follow! ;) Synopsis?? EEp! That should be a 4 letter word! Thanks, I'll need all the luck I can get. :D

    Christina! How exciting!! Congrats! Let me know how it works out... Good luck. :)

    Aubrie--finding a photo for your MCs makes a lotta diff, doesn't it? I find it much more easier seeing them. Thank you and congrats to you, too!

    Kristie, thank you! It was so much fun to write. One day I thought my personal info felt too, what's the word? impersonal? I'm glad you like it! ;D

    Oh, Tara! I'm curious what your story is about. Wanna share with me? I'll give you my email address!

    LOL, Lisa, you made me laugh! It was so nice talking to you on the phone. Did I scare you???

    Hi Old Kitty--thanks for following my blog! I love yours, it's really cute. (and the kitties) :D I've actually finished that story at 50 chapters (109,275) and now am deep editing it!!

    Shari! Thanks you! So excited to get this going... ((hugs)) I hope to see you this weekend

  10. You've been so hard at work! Good for you! Though I dread the revising process, I'm always happier once i get into them, because it's then that my characters really come to life for me. Definitely worth the hard work, right?

    I almost always hunt for pics. Scratch that, I always do it. Not almost always. Sometimes near the beginning, sometimes not until the very end.

    Congrats Liz! Can't wait to read it again :)

  11. Hi, Ali! Thank you. :) I can't wait for you to read it, too! My sister told me she really didn't care for the MCs until she read this version--now she's been crying up a storm.

  12. I'd really like to read the finished product! That first chap I read was fantastic! You're sure to get this one published! Good luck and congrats on all your hard work.


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