Friday, April 16, 2010

Rock Star Update

I've decided that most of the original story (Rock Star) as it was, was too cheesy to keep. It had me cringing with embarrassment.

What I'm doing now is taking the most important points and rewriting it, averaging about 3K a night. I am swiftly closing in on the ending.

seriously thought I was going to end on chapter 46, but me thinks not. I am on chapter 46 now, and I may give it about 2 more chapters and then I'll call it good.

Whew! Talk about blood and sweat that goes into rewrites, but it's so fun to revisit my characters and make them feel more real than before!

How many times have you found you had to rewrite? About what percentage do you keep of the original work? Do you enjoy the journey of traversing your plot?

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  1. Basing my answer on a 100% finished work I would say I rewrote Heroes of the Fallen about 5 times-still always keeping 90% of the original material...but if it werent for the fact that I am doing signings atthe launch tomorrow-I would probably still rewrite and tweek things.

    But there has to come a time where you let go and work on new things.

    I do know I have learned so much this last year that my next book is going to be even better and like you said rewrites can be a lot of fun.

  2. My first book went through countless rewrites and it took me four years to 'get right'. Is this your first book? Things get easier after the first book, though :)

  3. oh yeah and I don't think there is one sentence in my novel now that is the same as the first draft.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm your 100th follower!!

    I had to rewrite a lot of the book that you saw on my blog because I changed POV's allt he time. It was very frustrating work, but I'm glad I did it. :)

  5. I re-write so much before my MS ever gets finished that I would have to claim 50% at least gets re-worded. I keep the feel of the scenes but find better ways to say it.

    I just realized I have to dump my prologue...which I absolutely love, because it no longer meshes with my potential second book. I will miss that two page teaser.

  6. Good job! I bet it'll turn out terrific when you're through.

  7. I admire your determination to keep at it. And 3000 words a night? Uh, I can't compete with that!

    Good luck finishing up.

    Conference in 7 days...and counting! Can't Wait!!!

  8. It's always good to excise the cheese. Congratulations on such great progress, Lizzie!


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