Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Researching Rock Star

I've spent, probably about ten hours of research. Most likely more.

Moggie (Morgan Taylor), is the singer and bass guitar of his band called MezzTup. His brother the lead guitarist. There is the rhythm guitarist (Lyss), Mirah is at the keyboard and Block at the drums. Morgan plays the acoustic guitar. He is left handed, but he can play a regular guitar by just switching it over. It's the right hand that hurts if you're left handed.

He learns to play a
double-neck guitar (bass and lead).

I've learned tons about groupies. They are people (namely girls) who follow a band everywhere. (They pay for themselves), unless the band wants them to ride with them in their tour bus. They are called band aides, or road wives.
I came across a site, written by groupies, that lists every singer and band member they've been with, listing intimate detail that made me shudder.

I rented many documentaries on rock bands and their lifestyles. They live however they please and aren't afraid to swear. They get lots of free stuff from businesses where they are catered to. They have flier wars. There is hardly any space on the strip in Hollywood, so they post their fliers over other band's fliers. It's a riot.

(I really wonder if they've tried human bulletin boards?)

I've learned a lot about cancer. My heroine, Beth Leann Bennett, has malignant melanoma. That is skin cancer, and if it isn't treated, it will spread to other organs.

There are two strong opposing forces regarding chemotherapy. Some say it shortens your life while others claim it cures. I've wondered what I'd choose if it it ever came to it. I'd make a choice and take it to Heavenly Father.

Beth has this harness safety system to keep her from falling off her horse. Falling could prove fatal for her). I've done research to see if it exists, and I found it!!

She lives on a small ranch outside the city limits of L.A., off of Mulholland Highway.

I've discovered a wondrous beach in California where Beth takes Morgan. There, he sings his first song to her.

It's been a real experience, researching and interviewing.

Tell me your ventures in research. What are your main sources? Books, internet, people, documentaries? How has it changed your perspective as you wrote your MS?

(Portrait is how imagine my MC. Double neck guitar found here, other images found here)


  1. Gosh!

    I am most impressed with your research!! Well done you!!

    And it must have been harrowing researching about melanoma.

    I do the minimal of research for my stories as I am at that stage where I write using my memories and experiences and tend to blend fiction and fact.

    Now I feel quite lazy after your hours and hours of in-depth research and interviewing! The name of the band is brilliant!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    Take care

  2. I find Google Maps to be helpful for describing places I've never been. You can click the satellite view to see the terrain from the top down, and then click the options and add photographs.

    People post snapshots of the region and you can see what it looks like on the ground. I recently discovered Sala de Uyuni while scanning through Bolivia, South America.

    I noticed it was a white lake, not clear, and so I did some more research.

    Turns out Sala = Salt, and Sala de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world. I looked at the photos. It's a wonderful desert down there. NASA uses Sala de Uyuni to calibrate its satellites. That's how flat the place is!

    It's also the richest source of Lithium in the world.

    Lithium? Huh? Batteries?

    And so I researched that and found Bolivia is the richest single source of Lithium in the world, and that S. America holds 2/3 of the world's known Lithium deposits! Bolivia, Chile, Argentina.

    The new Middle East!

    Holy crap! And here we are in the US ~demanding~ that everyone buy Li!

    More research shows that the natives in Bolivia oppose strip-mining for Li -- which, as you know, is far, far, FAAAAAR more destructive to the environment than drilling an 18" bore into the ground for oil -- and the Bolivian government already kicked out US companies trying to get a foothold on their Li strip-mining.

    Now throw in this little diddy: In 2001, Li was worth $1/kg. 2003 $10/kg. Lately >$100/kg.

    See the math?

    Demand's going up exponentially. We're projected to run out of Li on a pace 10x faster than we're running out of oil.

    Now you have a story, see. Natives. Government. Global economic meltdowns. US trying to wedge in. A country known for military corruption and coups and its cocaine crops.

    And it all began with my trip to South America with Google maps.

    I'm with you. I love research.

    - Eric

  3. Wow, you have done a lot of research! I use google and wikipedia to do my research. It always takes me to places I've never gone before...

  4. My story has a subplot of rock star life, as well. Luckily, one of my close friends and her hubby own a record label. Her hubby was also in a popular local and semi-local band that was on the verge of making it big when he quit. So I only had to go to my email to get all my info for that. Nice, since I hate research with a passion!

    FWIW, my mother died of melanoma and it was almost immediately after she began regular chemo that she started going down hill. I think attitude is another huge factor. Mom had a horrible one, was convinced from the second she got the news that she was gonna die, and she did. I've known others who took the news with a determination to survive, and they have - for a long, long time. Some in remission, others just being treated as new areas pop up.

    Good luck with your research and book :)

  5. Your story sounds awesome!

    Thanks for the pix from StoryMakers. It looks like you had an amazing time.

    Wow, research. I've been doing that a lot for my MS and at times I find I have to re-write things because of it. I've interviewed a Catholic Priest, questioned Irish friends, and researched A TON on the internet. I have a binder filled with my research. If I were rich I'd hop on a plane and fly over to Ireland for some first hand research. Why I chose a country I've never visited is beyond me.

  6. So far I haven't had to research for any of my books, but I'm sure the day is coming. :-)

  7. I do so much research it's ridiculous. I spend days, months, hours and hours...Sometimes I get lost in it. I should probably research a little less and write a little more. ;)

  8. Don't worry, I don't hate you for not liking the Beatles. There's plenty of music I don't like out there, so I try to avoid hypocrisy and say that I don't care. I do care, but not enough to make someone feel bad about themselves.

    Regarding research for a novel: OMG I do a ton, but little of it is relevant, the problem, is Wikipedia and it's links. I'll spend hours and end up on Mars when the original entry was Queen Victoria.

  9. Hello Old Kitty! (Every time I say that, I think of Hello Kitty!:D) Thank you for dropping by and saying hi. I look forward to seeing you here! Thank you!

    Wow, Eric . . . That's amazing! I had no idea that stuff was was going on nor did that lake exist. Thanks for sharing that with me. The things we writers learn! I'm impressed!

    Aubrie, I love those sites too. Research is so fun, hu? :)

    Tara! How wonderful to get information firsthand from someone you know! Good luck on your book! :)

    LOL, Lisa! I know exactly what you mean! I've written a book that takes place out in Greece. Greece! I've never been there, either. I'm with you! Hey, when we're rich and famous, let's you and me go to Europe and tour our stories settings!!! :D

    Shannon! Your books are awesome! Your imagination is the prefect place for the settings you've created! <3

    oooh, Laura... I'd love to get together and swap knowledge on all of our research!! :)

    Hi, Jonathan! LOL...That creates an interesting plot in my head: Queen Victoria on Mars... ;) It would be interesting to learn what you've learned!

  10. Elizabeth, thanks for your comment on my blog. So I was able to find you here! I remember you at Brigham City. You came well-prepared and really contributed to the discussion. Rock star research sounds interesting to say the least!!


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