Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mold, Shape, GO!

My friend Carolina from Carol's Prints was expressing her wonder in having to do headshots as a published author and if branding is necessary and how she feels all squished inside a mold.

This inspired today's post.

At the start of my career, I had mixed feelings about this. Rules. Rules. Rules. We are being molded, beaten and shaped to please editors, agents, publishers, readers and more. (I'm thinking there's no wonder writers are so needy!)

I feel that being an author is one of the bravest things anyone can do because, in so many ways, it takes away our identity. (The rules tell us how to write). No POV changes. No adverbs. No purple prose...

A commenter from Roland's blog had so much about rules and purple prose and how we need to write to please others.

I think that having a brand is important because that's how our fans will know us and find us and love us!

What is your author brand? How did you deal with squeezing yourself into that mold as you started out?


  1. Oh golly!!

    I've not gone as far as branding as such!! I'm learning the skill of writing as a discipline so maybe that's my molding sorted! I hope so anyway!

    Btw I do really like the look of your blog - it's so pretty!

    Take care

  2. I don't see it as being out in a mold (but maybe i will down the road). Rigth now, for me, writing is sooooo freeing!

  3. Because I write sci fi and fantasy, I can go with that as a brand and it's not so bad for me. But I have written things that don't fit in a particular category and it's always hard to see how the public reacts.

  4. I use a tagline, "LDS Fiction Inspired by Life." If I ever venture out into the national market I may change it, but for now that sums up what I write.

    I think it's good to know what's out there, to study and learn, and then to be our best selves and write what's in our hearts. We need to be true to ourselves and the stories inside us.

    Great post!

  5. So true! There are way too many rules out there. I know they exist to up our game and make our work better, but if you live and breathe by them your creativity suffocates and your writing career will die.

    I don't have a brand. But that is a thought I need to look into.

  6. Purple prose, here. I've missed you. Of course, I've been working 21 days straight at the blood center for which I work. Whew!

    I think I need an energy transfusion. Thanks for mentioning my blog. And as for brand, we must make it one that is truly from our hearts.

    That is the only way it will be real -- the only way it will touch the hearts of others. The reflected light of the moon does not warm. Only the self-generated light of the sun does that.

    We must burn. Not reflect. Speak. Not echo. Only then will our words ring true within the souls of our listeners.

    Love the look of your blog, Roland

  7. Old Kitty, thank you! I've figured my branding the closer I got my seriousness of becoming published. It's weird how it just happened that way! :)

    Christina! Writing is so freeing, too, I have to admit. I LOVE it! :)

    Aubrie! How interesting! It's fun to explore out of our genre, isn't it?

    Rebecca, you're so right! I agree with you. We don't all produce the same exact books or the library would be booooring! Thank you!

    Lisa, I feel its a fine line--especially to NOT edit while we are writing our first draft. Now that can be destructive! Ugh...

    Hi Roland! I've been thinking about you and wondering how you've been doing. You work hard! I hope you play just as hard, too! ;)
    So true, thank you for your beautiful piece of poetry at the end here! :)

  8. Heh. I'm not sure what my brand is, but I hope it's me.

    In real life, I'm fairly rule abiding, but when it comes to writing, I look at all those rules as suggestions, guideposts, that I use when the situation warrants it. Once I did that, I lost the frustration of trying to squeeze myself into a mold that I didn't fit exactly. I know that I will never be able to please everyone, so the most important thing to me when I'm writing is remaining true to the story.

  9. I'm more of the opinion that you can only be squished into a mold if you allow it. Your author headshot isn't you, any more than the pic I posted of myself on Blogger is me--it's just what I look like. The real me is in the words. Those can't be caged.

  10. Hi, Danyelle! Excellent way of viewing it. I can see how that would ease your mind about all the rules set for writers. Thank you, I'll keep that in mind!

    Hi Simon! So true . . . I love how you worded it. "The real me is in the words. Those can't be caged."


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