Monday, April 26, 2010

LDStorymakers Conference!

Wow . . . It was filled with so much wonder and friends and fun! I'll post as many pictures here and talk about the other stuff another day! Enjoy!

Caroll, Heather, Eliza, Yamile, Emile, and me at YA bootcamp.
We had sooo much fun meeting each other and sharing our WIPs.

Sheila Staley and me at the Whitneys

Double take! (She is one of the coolest people there!)

Fun at Borders Bookstore with Kimberly Job and Mary Campbell.
Two cool ladies!

Michelle Jefferies, Paulette and me!
We make a crazy bunch . . .

Jenn Wilks and me ready for the Whitney Dinner.

Me with Rebecca and her cutie pie! She let me hold him.
*Sigh* He is so sweet.

Me and Michelle Teacress.
She is an awesome friend!

Me with Laura Elliot.
She's such a crazy cool friend--you'll love her!

Me with Jenni James--she dropped by to say hello!

Here's David West. I can't wait to read his book and post a review on it!
It was wonderful seeing you again!

I finally get to meet Darvell Hunt!
He's such a neat guy . . .

I finally found Danyelle Ferguson and got a pic with her!
She's such an awesome person!

Me and Christine Bryant.
It's always good to see old friends!

Me and Cathy Witbeck.
She's such a wonderful friend. I'm so happy to have met her in person!

Me and Carolyn Vawdrey. She's such a sweet person.
It was great seeing her again. As always. ;)

Me and Bethany Wiggins.
So happy to meet the legend in person. She's one cool lady!

Donald Carey and me meeting for the first time.
What a party we had at Borders!

Danyelle Leafty! She's such a pretty and sweet friend.

C.S. Bezas and me loitering at the Marriott's Lobby.
It was so much fun getting to know her!

Angie Lofthouse and I finally get a picture together!
It was crazy trying to track down all my new friends. :)

Ali Cross and me.
Isn't she cute?

Congrats, First Chapter Contest Palz!

Ali Cross


Christine Bryant!!


At the Whitney Awards Dinner:

Gary and Nichole Giles at my table.

Christine Bryant (I think she's going to take a picture, what do you think?)

There's Tristi Pinkston and her peeps-->
(can you see my table behind them?)

Darlene and Asa

I know, I know . . .
I just can't help but show off how gorgeous
Sheila and I look in our little black dresses!

Can't wait till next years LDStorymaker's conference!


  1. Wow! Looks like you had a really great time! I wish I could attend stuff like this. Living in Greece though, may be difficult, watcha reckon?

  2. WOWEE so many cool pics!! thanks for sharing!

  3. Oooh! Jessica? You are in Greece? Can I have your email address? I have questions for you since I have a book that takes place there! Pweeeze! I love your beautiful face...

    Hi Christina! You're welcome! <3

  4. Sure! It'll be a pleasure :)

  5. All great pics Liz! So glad you had fun! ♥

  6. Great pics Elizabeth. The conference was a blast. I'm already looking forward to next year.

  7. Awww you looked like you had an extremely fabulous time!!!!

    What a great way to meet writers, exchange creative ideas and just be in a wonderful and supportive writing community!

    Take care

  8. Thanks Elizabeth-I like the picture of me drinking at the Whitneys-shows I'm "4 Real".

  9. If there was a prize for most photogenic, you'd win it! You're gorgeous. Loved the dress!

  10. Hey, Ali! Thank you! I hope you had fun, too... It was so very nice to see you! <3

    Hello Kim! It was soo nice to see you there! We aught to hang out next time. I know it was crazy fun with so many new faces to meet. Next time! ;)

    Hello Old Kitty! Thank you. You're so very sweet! It would be so very nice to meet you in person, too! *Sigh. I'll look you up when I become the NYT Bestsellers and tour Europe!!

    ROFL, David! You do look rather celebritish, don't ya? ;)

    Kim--awww... You are so very sweet! Thank you! Sorry about Saturday, I had serious vertigo. Maybe the punch was spiked??? ;)

  11. I'm so bummed we never got our pic taken together! Oh, well! Maybe next year!!

  12. :( I'm sorry! I carried my stinkie lil camera everywhere with me, too... I'm so sorry. :(

  13. Fantastic pictures! Thanks for posting them!

  14. I'm a cook? I never cook. Okay, I do but I suck at it. =P

    *hugs* So good to have had dinner with you, Lizzie! Hope you enjoyed yourself!

  15. Hi Tristi! You're welcome! Take as many as you want! ;)

    Hey, Laura! It was so cool hanging out with you! Wish we could do that more often! <3

  16. Hi Elizabeth. I'm so glad we were in the same bootcamp group. You're piece is amazing. I'd love to read more of it. Awesome premise! Let's keep in touch!

  17. It was great to meet you, and I'm so glad you had your camera handy - I took a few pictures at the beginning, but I fell down towards the end.

  18. Hi Yamile! I'd LOVE to keep in touch with you. You truly are an amazing person! <3

    Don! I love taking pics, but I know you can't tell one whit, can you?? lol ;)


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