Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holy Cow!

Have you ever found a movie out there that feels so close to any of the books you've written and didn't even know it?

I've known some friends that don't like to hear when a movie follows a similar storyline as their book. I guess I can understand because that would make it 'unoriginal'.

My hubby just bought a movie the other day and I was blown away by it. It reminded me of a book I've written. I can easily imagine my book as a movie now and think, "If they can turn that into a movie, would they mine?"

It's been a while since I've read that story, I really look forward to editing it.

Has that happened to you? How does it make you feel?


  1. Yeah-- that happend with my first story! It's an old movie and I saw the descrition of it on-line when I was doing research for the book. I was blown away and then freaked out! ;-)

  2. I haven't seen anything like my book out there and I'm glad. I hope I don't. Man I really need to get this book finished.

  3. Wow. I don't know how I would feel about that. Probably disappointed that someone had my idea, and then excited because people obviously liked the idea. Then, determined to get mine out there too. I hope. Ha ha ha. :-)

  4. I've seen a movie very close to what I wrote and I sort of freaked out. At first I didn't want to finish it, but I have since changed my mind. :D

  5. Hm, it hasn't happened yet, but how cool that would be!

  6. I saw a cartoon that was just like stories I had been telling my kids for years. My husband said, "Wow, there's your story."
    My kids thought it was really funny.

  7. I've yet to see that happen but I imagine it would be both fun and disconcerting. I need to finish this sucker up before it DOES happen!

  8. Christina--I can imagine how you felt... What did you do after that?

    Mary, I'm glad that you haven't seen anything out there like your book. I feel the same way with other stories that I've started--I better hurry before someone else gets that idea!

    Shannon, I know, getting it out there asap is important!

    Caledonia, I'm so glad that you got back to it. I have no doubt your story is better... (Is it published yet?)

    Carolina, it does feel kinda cool. By the time my story is published, maybe no one will remember that movie? lol

    Cathy, how fun! How did you feel about it? Have you turned those stories into books yet?

    True, Laura! I so agree. Get it done!!!

  9. Oh, *shudder*!!! That's never happened to me--thankfully. I can't imagine how crushed I'd feel if it did.

  10. Hi Beth!! I don't really mind so much the movie, but the book, well... I don't know...


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