Thursday, April 15, 2010

Got a Crush on Your MC?

I got my inspiration to write this post from Christina Lee at Write-Brained. She talked about crushes from books she's read and asked what about crushes from a book or series. To be really honest, I develop crushes on my MCs from every book I've written. Even if they're a bad boy--I know what's in their heart and what will change them.

The heroine, of course! ;)

I get so involved in my story that I can feel, taste, see, hear, touch and experience every thing that my MCs do. I am THERE!

Every one of my MCs are bits and pieces of me. My fears, dreams, wishes, loves, desires, passions, lusts (yikes, yes, that too . . . you should read my kissing scenes, *ahem*), fearlessness, ferocities. I am very passionate--I cry when I dance to Lovers in Japan by Cold Play (among many other songs).

I can see spans of meadows unfold, people whom I've never met come to life, skies soar overhead, plots step forth from shadows . . .

I'm an obsesser. I can't stop thinking of the story, and sometimes suffer withdrawal symptoms if I don't get to my writing sooner than I want.

I remember a time when I read or wrote books, I had a hard time "feeling" them. They felt like flat characters to me, unreal. Maybe because I lacked imagination, passion? I was a teen for crying out loud!

I'm thinking that the difference between now and then is that I believe in myself now. I dive in, drown, and come back unscathed.

How is it like for you? Do you feel so involved in your writing that it feels real? Have you had a crush on any of your MCs? Do you have an excerpt of that MS you've written to share? *Grinning*

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  1. I have crushes on most of my main boys, good and bad. And if my MC looked like Mr. Zach up there... well... *fans* I'm a perfectionist, sadly, as there are times I get so frustrated with my writing not turning out how I want that I tend to walk away for a bit. Then I come crawling back because well, I need to be in my world. :D
    I'll share snippets soon. By the way, come by my blog and pick up your Sugar Doll award. ;)

  2. I think I do have crushes on my MC's...but that doesn't prevent me from abusing them in the worst ways. 'Cause sometimes I have a crush on the Villain too...and the MC can't always win...

  3. I don't have crushes on them (they are too young, teehee), but the stories feel very real to me. I can visualize them happening as I write/edit. :)

  4. Glad I inspired you ;-) and Oh yeah, baby--big time crushes!! off to write and dream!

  5. My MC is definitely someone I swoon over (of course I am speaking in past tense--I am married).

    I put everything into "him" that I would want if I were the lucky girl in the book. A bit dark and brooding, tall, handsome, *insert your dream guy's features here*. I think if you develop some sort of feelings for your characters those feelings will be more aptly transfered to the story and then your reader will get a chance to feel it as well.

    Ever read "Outlander"? Jamie Fraser....need I say more?

  6. Gosh! I hope I don't have a crush on my 8-year-old MC! Ha ha ha. :-)

  7. I don't much have crushes on my MC's but I definitely love them. And you come out unscathed, huh? I guess my characters are meaner because I'm always scratched up. ;)

  8. Mel: Thank you for the award! You're the sweetest! I know what you mean about needing to be in your world. Me too! :)

    Andrew: I do believe that what you do is important to make them believable. My adoration for my MCs brings them to life!

    Michelle: ME too! Me too!!!

    Christina: Have fun!!!

    Lisa: I so agree with you. How you portray them is what your reader will feel, too! Great one! :)

    Shannon: ROFL!! You're so funny! Me too...;)

    Laura: So true... But it's good to have mean characters--tension makes for awesome page-turners!


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