Saturday, April 17, 2010


She is an amazing person who is very inspiring to writers. She's compassionate, caring, and friendly. She really appreciates nature. (A huge hint is that she recruited her at-first-reluctant sister into writing and now they are spectacular!)


  1. Suzette Saxton!

    I love this game, Elizabeth. :o)

  2. ooh, ooh I think it's Suzette too!!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm going withthe first two comments: Suzette.

    Great picture! (You should make Stephen King a fairy)

  4. nice picture! well done!

    have a nice day!!

  5. That looks like Suzette to me. And that woman is more than just gorgeous--she's infinitely kind. I adore her.

  6. Yes that is Suzette! Beautiful drawing by the way. :D

  7. Ha!! That's amazing. Is that Suzette for real? Fabulous job, dear. I can't draw a stick person to save my life.

  8. Hi Jackee! I'm so GLAD you like this game--you've just made my week! <3 (No, my joy for blogging!) Thanks! :)

    Christina! Have a great weekend, too! :)

    Aubrie! ROFL!! OMG! You just made me laugh SO hard, my hubby wanted to know what I was laughing at... Great idea! I'll pick famous celebrities, too! ;) (I'll do just as you said, but I won't say when!!!) Muahahahahah! >D

    Hi Erin! Thank you! Enjoy your weekend, too!

    Laura--I'm so excited to see her and you this next weekend! It'll be SOOO fun! :D

    Mel! Thank you! (I'll let you know who it is tomorrow!) ;)

    Carolina--Thank you! But you are busting with awesomeness with your writing! I LOVE it!

  9. Great pic and Suzette is a fab choice for follow friday.

  10. Ah, what a beautiful picture of my bestest friend. (I think she really does have magical powers!)

  11. Oh, she has magical powers all right. Suzette is made of all things wonderful and amazing.

    Great drawing, Elizabeth! :)

  12. What a beautiful drawing! You hit the nail right on the head, I'd say. I knew it was Suzette before I read a single word of the clues. You're an amazing artist!

  13. Hi Mary! It was sooo nice to meet you LIVE at the conference! I'm glad you like the picture! :)

    Angie--you are so sweet! The world could use honest bestest friends like you!

    Elana! Hi! You did AWESOME at Storymakers! Thank you! :)

    Hi Bethany! Thank you! I really had fun talking to you and getting to know you too! ((Hugs))


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