Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Writerly Wednedays

Book Launch

From left to right:
Sheila, Michelle, Tristi, Shanda, Daron, Kim, Karen, Hillary

Karen Hoover's first baby, The Sapphire Flute!

She did so wonderfully playing the real thing with Paulette!

They played "Watermark" by Enya. It was so beautiful! *Sigh...

Daron Fraley, The Thorn (Book One, the Chronicles of Gan)
one proud daddy of his newborn baby book ;)

Michelle Ashman Bell, and Summer in Paris!
Congratulations! :D

Last, but never least, Tristi Pinkston with her way-out FUN Secret Sisters!

Here are a fun shots I got with a few of the coolest authors hanging there! :D

That's me with Suzette Saxton! (can you see Karen in the background, left?)

Elana Johnson
, she's such a cool friend.

Jenn Johansson
, the girl with the prettiest smile! :)

I had so MUCH fun! I really love love love coming to writerly gatherings, it's like a family reunion every time!


  1. What wonderful pictures!! It was so great to meet you in person that night.

  2. How much FUN! I love events like this =) Awesome pics!

  3. Wow. I'm feeling really jealous that I didn't get to go. It looks like it was such fun. I was so sick that day, though.

  4. It was as super fun party! And I think YOU have the prettiest smile and are a cool friend!

  5. Oh, how I envy you! Wow. You met some of our coolest bloggy friends and all kinds of great writers - so fun! Thanks for sharing all the pics. :-)

  6. It was a great party and I always love seeing you, Lizzie. Too bad we didn't get a picture! (gwa ha ha!)

  7. Awesome pics Liz! You looked fabulous, btw! ♥

  8. OOOO! I wish I could have crashed and come with you! You awesome woman, you!

  9. Suzette told me you are beautiful. She was right!

  10. Hi Sheila! It was so wonderful meeting you--I really enjoyed hanging out with you as we didn't want to leave when it was all done. Next time... ;)

    Thank you, Sara! :D

    I really missed you, Angie. I hope you're feeling better. I can't wait for April!((hugs))

    You're so sweet, thank you, Elana! :)

    You're welcome, Shannon--I look forward to meeting you! :( (I'll get your pic out to you this weekend, sorry, it's been crazy over here.)

    You know what, Laura, I asked myself the same thing when I posted this. :( Waaa! I promise to get one with you next time I see you, okay??? :) ((hugs))

    Thank you, Ali--I missed you! I can't wait to see you again, though! :D

    Hi Andrea! That would've been SOOO fun! You can crash the LDStorymakers. :)

    Thank you, Bethany! I missed you--it would've been so fun to have seen you. Next time, hu? *sigh....

  11. How fun! I'm so excited to have found your beautiful blog and seen these awesome pics -- with some of my favorite blogging friends!

    I look forward to reading more from you :))

  12. Thank you, Nicole! It's nice to see you! :)


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