Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Writerly Wednedays

(I know I said I was going unplugged, but I promised to have this posted this coming Wednesday and it's already scheduled to post, I'm not online--enjoy!)

Links for Conferences

There are many, MANY conferences available for writers. I have been where I felt like a grunt. A nothing. As if the writers hosting the conference were divas. It was horrible. How would you know which conferences are the good ones and will actually help you GROW and not feel like it's the impossible dream???

I am still learning where to find them, but I know of a stalwartly trusted source that will always provide those worthwhile ones to attend. It is Valor Publishing Group. Click here to find out which conferences are worth your salt!

Because ALL writers are worth it!!

Before I go on, I need to mention Nichole's post in her blog about networking. She has some helpful links for you! Come by and read it. So very important! :)

Links for Writers Groups:

: a wonderful network of LDS mothers who care for each other and nurture one another

Romance Writers of America: Romance Writers of America. It helps hone your interest through networking and support as a writer, especially in the Romance genre.

Links for Networking: A wonderful site where it unearths new talent. You can submit your unpublished, or self-published works for others to read and help you grow. You create your own site to host your WIPs.

Blogger: A site where you can share thoughts, photos, ideas! The more blogs you follow, the more you are spotted by others!

Facebook: a wonderful place where you can find long lost friends, make new ones and post thoughts and ideas and even 'advertise' your personal blog post.

Goodreads: A place where you can find book recommendations from friends, keep track of what you've read and what you'd like to read, create a book club and discuss your favorite books.

LDStorymakers: This is a place where published authors hang. If you are LDS, you may apply within!

LDS Publisher
: A wonderful place for networking, contests, author booksignings and launch parties--explore it!

LiveJournal: you can blog about anything you want here. It provides software, email and websites.

NaNoWriMo: or National Novel Writing Month. It a non-profit organization holding a creative writing project once a year during the month of November. They have forums where other writers can connect!

social network for writes and illustrators. I've just joined it and it's a great way to get to know other artists like you!

A place where you can find and make friends and show your recent blog posts.

It is an online community where you can "write, read and live YA." ;D

I know there is a wealth of information out there. Which ones are the ones you depend on for your writerly passions??


  1. This post is a gold mine! Thanks, Elizabeth. :-)

    P.S. Did you get my email?

  2. Fantastic info! Thank you.
    BTW - it was fun to see you again last night! I hope you had fun. I thought the music was great and I always love meeting authors. :)

  3. Thanks for all the links. Hope I see you at the next conference!

  4. Cool! Thanks for all the awesome links!

    Aaaaaand TAG! You're it!

  5. Hello Shannon! You're very welcome! (I'll be sending you your pic soon, sorry I'm taking so long!)

    Michelle--you're very welcome! I hope it's helped. It was exciting to see you too! Wasn't it just fun?

    Hi Angie! I'm more than sure we'll see each other at the next conference--it'll be so exciting! :)

    Abby, you're welcome! Thank you, I'm going over there right now!!


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