Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Too Me Tuesdays

Author or Not?

It was shortly after I returned from a writer's conference that I felt it would be okay to call myself author. It pulled me out of my sleep at 2 am.

I am not published. Yet. I've been a fanatical addict of the art ever since I can remember. Let me see, uh . . . I started writing when I was 10. I wrote short stories in 5th grade. My first full blown novel was started in '91.

I finished it in '99.

It's called Tragic Innocence
: 224,892 words. Fantasy. It is about an elfin girl who learns that she had unknowingly betrayed her people in the worst possible way. She embarks on a quest to right the wrong and falls in love along the way.

Along the same lines but on a different note:
I remember how I would flush and shake my head when people would coo over my artwork in elementary school and say that I was an artist. I felt that I didn't deserve that title. Nope. Not me.

Until later.

I am an artist. I don't get paid for my art. But I am an artist.
Can I call myself an author, though I'm not published?

Should I? Should I? Should I?


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  2. Sometimes we put certain words on pedestals, inflating them to mean something more than they do.

    According to Merriam-Webster Online (m-w.com) an author (as a noun) is “one that originates or creates” or “the writer of a literary work (as a book)”

    That's all.

    You have done both, many times. So – um, yeah – you’re an author. Don’t dis yourself.

    And while it comes in handy to make the distinction to people, as you mentioned in your article, that you are not a 'published' author, I would recommend that you add one word to that.

    Not a published author YET.

    It’s going to happen Elizabeth, just keep up the good work!

  3. Oooo, that's the great debate, huh? I once read a post about how it's the social hierarchy. Like you don't "get" to call yourself an author until you at least have an agent. It made me laugh.

    Personally, I'm saving the term to use to mark my victory into agent/publication grounds. But that's just for ME. Because I set weird little challenges like that for myself.

  4. Absolutely! You write, so you are an author! Just because your not published yet doesn't mean you can't take yourself seriously as a writer. If you do, others will too. And you'll be published someday. And, yeah, you are a fantastic artist too!

  5. I'm proud of you for calling yourself an artist because you are. Both with the pencil and the pen. ;) Keep writing, Lizzie. You're wonderful.

  6. Of course you're an author. If you've written a book, you're an author, published or not. Once you are published, the rest of the world will know you are an author too - not just you and your friends. :)

  7. Yep you should call yourself an author. It is the truth.

  8. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for your nice thoughts. So true so true... I'll bear that in mind! I'll see tonight!

    Sara, wow...! What a great way to reward yourself. I really like that. :)

    Thanks Angie, you're so sweet! I just thought about this and wondered where I'd fit in the writing world.

    Laura, thank you! You're such a sweetie! :)

    Michelle, it's always nice to see you! Thank you for dropping by. Good point, thanks!

    Hi Amber! Thank you! I'll call myself an author. I think I'll officially do so when I am published as Sara had mentioned as a reward. What do you think?

  9. Absolutely! Yes! You ARE an author. You ARE an artist! ♥

  10. Thank you, Ali! You're so sweet!!! ((hugs)) Miss ya! :)


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