Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thoughtful Thursdays

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I've been letting something consume me lately. I've forgotten why I started blogging.

In the beginning, I did it for myself. I enjoyed it. It was sweet, nice . . . me. But lately, I've been thinking of ways I could write for you. I lost myself in it. I became a slave to writing things that I thought might appeal to you.

Then it started to feel fake, you know? Where did I go? I'm having to start all over again. With myself. Priorities. First it's the Lord. Then my family. Then everything writerly. Things will fall into place if I only remember this every single time!

What things take over in your life? How do you stop, pull out, and start all over?


  1. I've had to learn how to write for those who follow my blogs, simply by reading others. It is hard sometimes, trying to figure out what would be fun to write. Without coming across as phony. I never once thought you came across as phony.
    It takes two weeks to build a good habit and 2 minutes to destroy it. If I ever get to feeling I'm not putting myself and my family before my writing, I have to take a break and re-think my priorities. Happens once in a while, but I tend to get back on track.
    Just be honest with yourself as well as those you write for that you need to figure things out. We're patient. ;)

  2. A writer I admire once wrote that we have to write naked. Honesty in our writing is true writing. Basically, I think that just means writing with heart. You can't appeal to everyone but in the end, I think we ought to try to just be ourselves.

    Of course, different aims mean different things. You can write targeted information and get thousands of followers (I've seen it done a lot) but that means choosing that specific thing and sticking to it. To each their own.

    I think I just want to be me. That's enough for me.

  3. You know at the beginning I just wrote, whatever I wanted, whatever came to mind I wrote it all down. Then I started listening to what others liked and began writing that not having near as much fun... then I realized... I either write what others want, hate it, and most likely not be good at it or I write what I love and those who love me will love it.

    My husband loves my book, it started off to be his cup of tea and then quickly changed when I realized I was a YA writer, he still appreciates the book and loves it, just from a different aspect.

  4. Since you can't please them all, please yourself. Those who enjoy it will keep coming back. And people who like you for you is what you want to surround yourself with anyway, right? Sometimes we all need this reminder. In fact, it was a good reminder for myself just now. :)

  5. Caledonia, thank you for your heartfelt thoughts. Wow, what a powerful thing you've said about habits. That's definitely something to carry with me all the time. :)

    Laura, you are so right. I do like you for you and every thing you write is you. I enjoy visiting your blog because I love to hear how you're doing--just as Kristie said! Thank you for sharing! :)

    Jen, what an excellent point. You're right. I've heard (and experienced) that writers are very needy. LOL, so true and I don't really like it! :(

    Kristie, I really feel that is a very important thing to remember. Thank you so much for reminding me! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing. I've been asking myself these same questions lately. Blogging has changed for me since I first started. Not that it's not good, just different. I don't want it to become my taskmaster.

  7. My advice is do NOT change yourself for others. If you are confident about what you are writing and LOVE what you are writing it's going to show - and if people identify with you, that's fantastic, if not, who cares. There's nothing worse than trying to be someone you are not and then realise that you can't maintain it. Be true to yourself - it really is the best way. :)

  8. We have to be true to who we are. Nothing else matters, if what we're putting out there isn't true to what we feel. I think your priorities are exactly right - go with that. :-)

  9. You do just what you did. You stop. Pull out. Change. Come back. Good luck with it!


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