Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sabbath Sounds


"Mormonad," New Era, Jan. 1990

Photography by Craig Dimond

Don’t Be Two-Faced

To fit in, we sometimes put on false faces, pretending to go along with the crowd. Wear those faces too often, and we may forget who we really are. (See 1 Thes. 5:22.)

Gospel topics: honesty, self-esteem

I know that is how most kids survive these days. What am I talking about? Back in my day, too! I always had a smile on my face, even if I was dying inside.

I know that it is human nature to behave this way. Why do you think we do this? I think it's a defense mechanism. I think, for the most part, we behave differently so as to protect ourselves because people judge.

And that hurts.

I put myself out there. I'm always myself. I had a friend of mine tell me one time that she thought I was sarcastic because I put so much energy into a "Hi, how are you?" It took her a while to realize that that is the way I am.

I'm genuine. Open. Honest.

I have to be honest with you, it hurt me when she said that, but she's a close friend and I knew she wasn't being cruel. But if she thought that, how many people think that?

You know what? It doesn't really matter.

How do you feel about hiding or showing your true self?


  1. Visiting from the character therapist (your drawing is so cute!)

    I imagine people could read my books and think of me in one way, then meet me in person and think another, but I don't know if that is the case. I'm shyer than people realize and sometimes they may take that shyness or awkwardness and think I am remote or reserved....

  2. What a great post! I definitely forget sometimes that I am wearing a mask. I think I've done it for so long I am that person you described, the one who forgot who they are. I am so happy to read about someone who let's themself be, well, themself. I'm still learning that those who really care about you will not stop loving you when you show your true self.

  3. I am always sincere but not always forthcoming. What I mean by that is that the more vulnerable parts of me, I keep close to the vest. I don't just share my heart with everyone but I am very sincere when I talk to people. I suppose we're all, in a way, multi-faceted. I don't hide who I am or pretend to be someone else but I don't always open myself up all the way either. ;)

  4. I had such a big comment, I posted it on my blog. Thank you for this food for thought. :)

  5. Kathryn, it's nice to see you dropping by from Jeannie's blog. I know what you mean about being very shy. We are bold as gold when we write. We live through our characters, but it's another matter in real life. You sound like someone I'd really love to meet! Thank you for commenting. ;)

    Hello Charlie! I understand. It isn't always easy for me to be so open, but it's something I do in hopes of reaching others in some way. :D

    Hi Laura! You're such a sweetie! Thank you for coming by! It's always nice to see you! The deepest parts in your heart are yours to keep or divulge. I don't think that makes you horrible at all.

    Hi Michelle! You are most welcome! Thanks for coming by. I'll go over and check out your comment! :)


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