Friday, March 12, 2010

Follower Fridays

One moment she can be a french maid and the next, a trophy wife. She loves to paint the rooms in her house and if you look in her favorite books list, the first one listed is Gone with the Wind.

Who Am I?
Answer to be announced Saturday!


  1. Apparently, I don't know people very well. How many names can I guess in one post? lol

  2. Hi Nisa! LOL, as many as you want! Her face is on my follower's list. ;)

  3. Hmmmm...Great picture. I can't guess, though.

  4. Great picture!

    I have something for you on my blog. :)

  5. Hi Shannon!'re so cute! ;)

    Angie, thank you! Hint: you can also find her on MMW!

    Abby, thank you! Oooh, I love surprises, thank you! :)

  6. It's totally Amber Lynae. Who is just beautiful and amazing.

  7. She looks very familiar. I wonder who it could be.

  8. Hi Laura! So good to see you! :D

    LOL, Amber! You rock! ;)


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