Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Writerly Wednedays

Networking, Part 1

I have dubbed my Wednesdays for writing. Anything writing. Muahahahahah! >)

I do post over at MMW on this day, that's why they are the same post. I know, I know... I'm such a cheater, but you love me anyway! ;)

I've been hit with the strength of love over the LTU&E weekend. Everyone from illustrious artist Nathan Hale, Hollywood special effects wizard Marty Brenneis, amazing author Brandon Sanderson, crazy cool James Dashner, the new J.K. Rowling Karen E. Hoover, warrior writer David J. West--and many more along with on-the-way-to-be-published little ole me--shared the spirit of brotherhood.

It was A-mazing.

The panelists shared with us their sacred passions as their followers (a potpourri of published & aspiring authors, along with young fans) cheered them on.

I've been thinking.

Q: What do you think makes LDS conferences different from others?

The authors there truly reach out and CARE about the aspirations of children, mothers, fathers, students and you! At least that's been my experience.

There is no doubt the feeling of oneness there. There is no doubt the feeling of strength there. There is no doubt the feeling of the Spirit there.

Which faith you are doesn't matter, either--you are and do feel equal to the authors. They feel like real people and nothing like demigods.

Here is a passage quoted from the Ensign (I have color-coded keywords):

"When we understand our relationship to God, we also understand our relationship to one another. All men and women on this earth are the offspring of God, spirit brothers and sisters. What a powerful idea! No wonder God’s Only Begotten Son commanded us to love one another. If only we could do so!"

You will definitely taste this at any LDS writers conferences. No gospel is preached there--the only thing that is shared is the religion of writing.

"What a different world it would be if brotherly and sisterly love and unselfish assistance could transcend all boundaries of nation, creed, and color. Such love would not erase all differences of opinion and action, but it would encourage each of us to focus our opposition on actions rather than actors."
"Brigham Young gave us some practical advice on how to do this. “The difference between God and the Devil,” he said, “is that God creates and organizes, while the whole study of the Devil is to destroy” (Discourses of Brigham Young, p. 69). In that contrast we have an important example of the reality of “opposition in all things” (2 Ne. 2:11)."

"Remember, our Savior, Jesus Christ, always builds us up and never tears us down. We should apply the power of that example in the ways we use our time, including our recreation and diversions."

Including our writing!!

"Consider the themes of the books, magazines, movies, television, and music we make popular by our patronage."

And not to mention by our authorship in those medias, right?

"Do the purposes and actions portrayed in our chosen entertainment build up or tear down the children of God? During my lifetime I have seen a strong trend to displace what builds up and dignifies the children of God with portrayals and performances that are depressing, demeaning, and destructive.

The powerful idea in this example is that whatever builds people up serves the cause of the Master, and whatever tears people down serves the cause of the adversary. We support one cause or the other every day by our patronage."

Or authorship.

"This should remind us of our responsibility and motivate us toward fulfilling it in a way that would be pleasing to Him whose suffering offers us hope and whose example should give us direction." Powerful Ideas, November 1995 Ensign. Elder Dallin H. Oaks Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

We, as the guardians of the written word, are dubbed with the authority to lead our readers to building of their hearts, strengthening their spirits, and inspiring their integrity.

I want to share with you that I have no doubt that if you feel the power of gravity pulling your hand to word, that it is the Lord who is behind it. Please don't let the whispers of discouragement stop you, but remember the feelings of flight when you write!

What are your experiences with writing conferences? Have you ever been to one where you felt like the one outside looking in?

Stay tuned to next week's Wednesday post, Valor Publishing Group's Blog Tour for author Karen E. Hoover's debut novel, The Sapphire Flute :)

Watch for Networking, part 2 on March 10!


  1. Sounds like you heard some very inspiring speakers! I've not yet attended a writing conference, but it's one of my goals for the year. Glad you had such a good experience.

    In a completely unrelated matter...When you get a moment, could you pop by my blog and let me know where you heard about the Whoops! Blogfest? I'd promised a prize to my best shout-out helper, but I can't figure out who to thank. Gracias!

  2. My experience in my personal writing community has been much like yours. Although I've had a few bumps (small ones) for the most part it has been full of encouragement, support, kindness, and joy. I love my writing community and I relish every chance I get to spend with them.

  3. I think any aspect in our lives would be better if we were to follow that advice and truly care--and show that we do. LTUE was fun!

  4. I think we all deserve those juicy details about your soon to be published little self. Give us the who, where, what and when! Congrats. Let me know when it's official.

  5. Hi Laurel! Thank you! I love Blogfests. If only I knew of them EVERYtime... I know there are a few I've missed.

    Laura, the place to be is with other writers. So true. :)

    Jaime, it was so much fun!

    Hey, Melissa...don't worry, when the Lord decides it's time, I will shout it out, I promise!!! ;)

  6. Great Post Elizabeth, even if you didn't mention how crazy amazing cryin crazy I am-thats an Aerosmith song right?

  7. LOL! Oh no! I'm sorry! I can republish you on here! Sorry! :( (Aerosmith? I'm not sure but I know Mike would know!)


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