Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What are You Waiting For?

You have a long stretch of uninterrupted writing time. You sit down, take a deep breath, and dive in. With one stroke of the key, a glide of the pen on paper, you bring to life characters hidden deep in your psyche. They grow, flourish and at last, take on a life of their very own. Sometimes they dictate the path of your story. Even develop their own minds and make choices that surprise you as the writer!

On a grander scale, our muse inspires our notions. The way our thoughts fall onto the blank screen. The way the words glide across, filling the void with life. We go wherever it leads us.

That is how I feel with the genre I choose. Once upon a time, I started out with high fantasy. I love creating my own worlds. Setting up my own trends along with laws and government and peoples. I invent names of species of animals, color of the sky and number of moons come night. I thought I’d never stray from the magic of ‘from the seat-of-my-pants creation’! Ever.

Well, that all changed when my muse inspired me to write urban fantasy. Not exactly something I can create straight from scratch, but I still don’t have to be correct with all the rules. All I have to do is mention a generalized area and throw in my fantasy element.

Well, one day, my muse decided to take it a step further and throw a banana in my makings.

One day as I was on my way home, I heard to a beautiful piece of heavy metal music. A story unfurled its might wings and took flight. Rock Star. As soon as I got home, I whipped out my computer and recorded my first contemporary novel. Not one ounce of fantasy.

And I here thought I’d never see the day that I’d write a book that didn’t contain a shred of reality.

For this purpose, I feel that it is wise to accept every opportunity that comes our way. If there is a workshop that offers how to write mystery, take it. A class that teaches the art of spicing up a love scene between two characters, try it. What about a conference that deals solely with fantasy or science fiction? What then?

No? Fantasy isn’t for you? But what if one of these days—as it was with mine—your muse inspires you with a story so powerful you know you must take the chance and write it all down—and it is fantasy? If your characters can come to life and take the story away from you, and if your muse gives you what it wants when it wants, you might never know what may be next.

Romance. Mystery. Fantasy. Science Fiction . . .

Here is your chance to give your muse something to sink her teeth into. LTUE. It "is a 3-day symposium with panels, workshops, presentations and papers on writing, art, literature, media, science on aspects of speculative fiction". Honored guests author Brandon Sanderson, special effects Marty Brenneis, artist Nathan Hale, and many more will all be there! A mighty feast for your muse to devour and it is all for FREE! You never know. You may be the very next author who creates the next greatest fantasy novel ever.

Have you ever been to a place your muse has boldly taken you where you’ve never gone before? If so, tell me more, I want to hear all about it!


  1. This is a great post, Lizzie. I love the passion you feel for writing. I know I'm glad to be going to LTUE.

  2. This is a great post! I thought I'd never write anything other than song lyrics and here I am in the middle of a high fantasy series. And (your timing is brilliant) I was inspired by my four year old last night and I have TWO children's book ideas! Crazy where life takes you if you just let it.

    Wish I could go to LTUE!

  3. Nice post-I should see you there at least saturday.

  4. Wonderful post, Elizabeth - I read it twice! I wish I could go to LTUE. :-)

  5. Laura! Thank you! I am happy to finally see you again. I can't wait things get better here so that I can see you more often. :(

    Wow, Nisa! That's wonderful! Don't you just love when you gain inspiration from your little ones? I know I do... I'm so happy that you have not just one but 2 stories to write. That's very exciting! (I can't wait to hear what they're about.)

    Looking forward to meeting you, David! It'll be fun!

    Shannon! Thank you. I'm glad that you enjoyed reading my post! You are so sweet. I wish you could go to LTUE too... Will you be going to LDStorymakers??

  6. My muse didn't lead me to writing a new genre... my sister did! She asked me to join her in a YA writing project. What fun!

    LTUE sounds like heaven. I'm working out the details, hoping I can come...

  7. I think as writers we are always growing. It's wonderful to spread your wings and try something new.
    Your mer-people are nicely done.

  8. That's so wonderful to hear, Suzette! It's very nice to have someone you so close to help inspire your ideas. I'm so happy that Bethany is there! I really hope you can make it to LTUE! Jenni is inviting everyone to Los Hermanos Restaurant Friday night if you'd like to come!

    Cathy, thank you for your comment! I love to draw, but coloring them is still something I am growing into! :)

  9. I seem to always be where I've never been before. But then, that's why I'm a writer. I like to go places without leaving my bedroom.


  10. Hi Ann! That's one of my favorite reasons for writing! Thank you for leaving your thoughts with me. :)


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