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Love at First Sight Kiss

Hello everyone! Do you have your bowl of popcorn before you? I think you should--get ready to read hours of smooching fun in honor of Valentine's Day! Thanks to Courtney Reese's Love at First Sight Kiss Blogfest, I get to share a scene from my "Tender Cupid Love" YA urban fantasy novel! I had the FUNNEST time writing it! Here Eros (Cupid), is sitting across from Angie and she can't stay quiet and all he wants to do is show her his influence as the god of love (and she doesn't know who he is).

Okay, enough said, here is the kissing scene!

“Do girls always talk so much?”

Angie’s mouth fell open. A slow blush crept across her cheeks. She tore her eyes away from his powerful gaze. Tears brimming.

“I like it when girls are soft. When they are breathless.”

She shrugged and dropped her face until her hair covered her eyes.

“Here, let me show you.”

Angie shrugged again and rolled her lips between her teeth. What an idiot she was. Of course it would be too wonderful to be real to have some gorgeous Greek hunk to want her. Even as a simple friend.

The cushion beside her depressed and she lost her balance with a shriek.
She gazed up into an endless pool of ocean green framed by dark cattail lashes. His smooth and flawless skin screamed out to her. His long hair soft wisps around his face.

“W-what?” she stammered.

Eros pressed a finger to her lips as he glided his other thumb over the corner of her mouth. His hands felt soft and feathery against her face. His breath a soft puff of heavenly breeze.

Angie forgot how to breathe. She forgot how to kiss. She even forgot how to close her eyes. Too stunned to do so, she watched Eros with rapt fascination as his long lashes swept shut, the delicious corner of his mouth visible to her greedy stare.

She heard Eros smile.

“Soft. Breathless. Can you feel yourself?”


Eros pulled away, his hands tangling in her hair. “I like it when girls listen to my touch.” He ran his knuckles across her cheekbone. Angie leaned into his caress. “I like it when girls listen to my breath.” He hovered over her ear and she shuddered with pleasure. “I like it when girls listen to my kiss . . .” He brushed his lips across her cheek until he met the corner of her mouth.

Angie squeaked as Eros pulled away, replaced by a sudden cruel cold whoosh.
She blinked many times and found him sitting across from her, his eyes half-closed as he watched her. “Why did you stop?”

“I only wanted to show you what I like.”

“You did?” Angie sighed, trying so hard to still her wild heart. “So you liked it?”

She couldn’t help how he could like her.

Okay, I cheated. That was their very first kiss. Cupid was only showing off because he could, but it was here that he realized he is truly in love with her:

“Oh, Eros . . . Why do you have to be so handsome?”

His smile toppled to one side and he walked closer to her, the roses lifting to her hands. “I picked these for you this morning after you—.”

“Be quiet. I don’t want to ever talk about that again.” She reached for the roses and brought them to her nose. “Wow, they smell like familiar—like honey.” Her voice choked when she looked at his mouth.

Eros felt his cheeks turn hot. He loved the way her eyes caressed his face. He ran his tongue across his lips. He wanted her to be soft and breathless. It twined in his blood and he obeyed his urgency.

He moved closer to Angie and touched her cheek. His thumb glided across her skin as he lowered his face to hers.

“Soft and breathless, Angie, remember?”

Angie squeaked when her lips parted.

Eros felt her rise to the balls of her feet and lean into him. Her warmth magnetized his yearning and he moaned. A low sigh he shared alone with her. He glided his lips over hers. A small moment of friction that sent him hurtling into centuries past. The kiss. Strong and potent.

Unlike anything he had ever had in a very long, long time.

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  1. Wooohoo, these were both very hot and steamy yet fun and flirtatious--I'd expect nothing less from the god of love. Very nicesly done!! :-)

  2. Very intriguing premise, a modern Greek God romance. I'm curious about the rest of the story :-)

  3. Exactly how I'd expect that naughty Eros to behave! Nice job - sexy and fun.

  4. "listen to my touch, listen to my breath" Woo, that's nice. Very sensual and intriguing.

  5. Elizabeth that Eros was one Bad Man.
    The chemistry sizzled!

  6. Oh ow!! Steamy! Cupid is quite the charmer. "I like it when they listen to my..." Wow! Hot stuff!

  7. I love how you juxtaposed his calm control and her complete befuddlement. Fun, sweet and sexy!
    Thanks for sharing your words!

  8. So cute--and steamy! Love the idea of Cupid falling in love, rather than making people fall in love. Great job!

  9. Frankie, thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts with me!

    Livia! I can't wait to get it published so I can have a giveaway! *sigh

    Trishaleigh--thank you! I tried to make it that way and now I know I succeeded! :)

    Tricia! Thank you and thanks for coming by and leaving a comment--as soon as I get a chance, I'll zip on over and read yours!

    LOL, Denise--you're too cute! ;)

    Elaine, thank you!

    Carolina, thank you! I'm glad that it had the effect I was hoping for! Yippee!

    ThePreyers! You're welcome and thank YOU for coming by and sharing your thoughts with me, too!

    Courtney! Thank you! I am so biting at the bit to get this story accepted!

  10. Great idea to have cupid fall in love. I enjoyed your descriptions, especially the "cattail eyelashes."

  11. Anything that plays with myths and gods excites me, so this was a great find! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Roxy! Thank you, I appreciate your compliments. :)

    Amalia--you are most welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Andrea! How are you doing? It's been a long time, I miss you!! I'm glad you liked it. :)


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