Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ideas for Acts of Service

I'd like to think of the entire month of February in honor of LOVE (because of Valentine's day). Here is a list of wonderful ways to show kindness to others (a handout given to me from church!)

"And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom,that ye may learn that when ye are nin the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God." Mossiah 2:17

* Send a note of cheer or thanks in the email
* Take in your neighbor's trash can, mail or newspapers
* Give someone a smile! it can go a long way!
* Wink!
* Visit the elderly or homebound
* Cook a meal
* Visit someone who is sick. Send them a "care" package
* Send flowers anonymously to cheer someone up
* Pray to someone in need
* Watch someone's children
* Lend a listening ear and an understanding heart!
* Compliment someone
* Share a scripture
* Share a talent you have with someone, like giving a free hair cut
* Offer a ride
* Give a call to someone
* Leave a note of appreciation on a doorstep, on a pillow, or in a lunchbox
* "Phantom" someone with goodies
* Shovel snow
* Rake leaves
* Keep an eye out for neighbors children and property
* Pray for someone
* Sit with an ill person to give their caretaker a break
* Put someone in need's name on the prayer roll
* Weed a neighbor's garden
* Share vegetables or flowers from your garden
* Snowblow the neighborhood sidewalks so the kids can get to school safely
* Watch out for other's "breaking points" and offer to help with children, etc
* Leave anonymous gifts, money, etc. for someone in need
* Speak well of others. Pass on only good information. Never gossip
* Stop to visit with someone
* Say "HI" to someone who looks like they need a friend
* Leave a poem on someone's desk, bed or pillow, or something to uplift them
* Just show up at someone's door if you know there is a need you may be able to help with
* Help fix someone's broken down vehicle
* Make someone's bed
* Clean up after dinner for mom
* Read a story to a child or a younger sibling
* Do a family member's chores for them
* Put coins in expired parking meters for people so the y don't get a ticket
* Nominate someone for an award, like KSL's "Teacher Feature" (OR a Blog award!)
* Clean the house while Mom is gone

I've added my own here:

* Be someone's writing mentor
* Help critique someone's WIP and be honest
* Make it a point to leave a comment when you visit someone's Blog ;)

What are some of your favorite acts of service?


  1. Hehe! Just saw this on MMW. It's such a lovely post! I think helping others is the main reason we're here on Earth.

  2. Wonderful Ideas! Such simple things can speak volumes.

  3. Hi Nisa! I hope you didn't think it was cheesy that I double posted? I like this post so much, and I am amazed that the littlest thing can be considered an act of service!

    Hi Kim! It's so good to see you! I hope you've been well!!

  4. Great post. the small things really help in our lives.


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