Friday, February 26, 2010

Follower Fridays

In honor of YOU!!

Okay, I've stolen this idea from Jackee (she does
what's called Search and Find Fridays), wove it with Jonathan's suggestion and Elizabethized it.

I will choose ONE of my followers and turn you into a fairy, merperson, goblin, vampire . . . along with something--anything--taken from your user *profile description and tag you the next day.

Muaha--muahahahahaaaa! >D

It would be fun for you to guess who it is I've chosen. You never know when you'll be next!

She is a mother of 3 beautiful kidlets, has written 2 LDS non-fiction books, and the first on her list of blogs that she follows is Tristi Pinkston, LDS Author.

Who Am I?
Answer to be announced Saturday!

*If anyone has any qualms about me drawing you, please let me know!!


  1. Oh Wow Elizabeth, is it me?

    Ok I know its ***** ******.

  2. lol David! What fun. Elizabeth! Too bad I have no idea who it is.

  3. Hm...I dunno. But I do know that I will be commissioning a Merman self-portrait from you!

  4. What a cool idea! I'll have to look around for it. :)

  5. What a fantastic idea. And you're so talented. WOW! I don't have a clue who this is, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled. Great job, Liz.

  6. ROFL!!! David--you gave me my first laugh of the day! It IS you!! ;) j/k

    Nisa!! You can find her in my Followers!

    Jonathan, a merman, hu? Okay! ;)

    I really love your idea, Jackee, thanks for the inspiration! :D

    Christine! Thank you! You can find her in my Followers portraits!!

    Good Luck!!


  7. What a good idea, and so creative and fun. My guess is Jaime T although I don't know how many children she has! It looks like her (mermaid style) and I once read on her blog that she is the author of 2 non-fictions. Am I right?
    Michelle T

  8. Beautiful picture! It's Jaime, isn't it? It looks just like her!

  9. You have too much talent. It's bothersome! LOL

  10. Hi Michelle! I'm glad you like the idea... I was worried about this for a while. Thank you for dropping by! I can't say who it is... I'll reveal it on tomorrow's post!!!

    Angie! Thank you! Well...what do you think??? :D

    Hey Melissa--I still love you. :*

  11. I'm going with Jaime T. also. ;) Who is pretty great and one of her books totally changed my life.

  12. Love your drawing! This is a fun idea for a regular blog post. I look forward to seeing who it is.

  13. Wow! You've got some fantastic talent, Elizabeth! This made my day. Can you send me a copy to post on my blog or just share with my daughter who will flip out? Here's a little secret: I spent several years--more than I will ever admit--as I was growing up pretending I was a mermaid.

  14. Sorry, I'm having a slow brain day. I just saved the pic onto my computer. Fabulous!

  15. You are SO welcome, Jaime! I was worried that I might offend you somehow. I never knew that you pretended to be a mermaid! How sweet! My teen girl LOVES mermaids...

    That's okay about the pic, you can have the original if you like! ;)


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