Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Sweet and Tender Love (Like NO Other)

This will be a short and simple post.

It is of a testimony that was born March 28th, 2009. Do you remember that day? The day when millions of our beloved young women gathered to partake of Heavenly Father's love? It was the General Young Women Meeting.

As I had signed up for a ticket to attend, I found myself surrounded by thousands of young women. Their singing was beyond anything I've ever experienced. Powerful. Uplifting. Pure. I felt Heavenly Father's love pouring down on them. I literally felt His love for them! I openly wept as I basked in the glow of the Spirit.

Yes, He loves them!

It was only today that my 13 year-old daughter had to make a choice. Should she go along with the youth to do baptisms for the dead or stay? She was faced with this because she had just recently injured her foot and she feared the sting of the chlorinated water and watchful eyes.

As she presented her dilemma to our Father in Heaven, and as she began her prayer, I received another testimony so strongly that it took me back to the 28th of March. With tears streaming down my cheeks and as she closed her prayer, I gazed at my beautiful daughter.

I felt Heavenly Father's love for her. He truly loves her.

I know He loves you, too. Of that, I have absolutely no doubt. When have you felt the Lord's love the strongest?


  1. There's been a number of times-when usually it seemed almost the darkest.

  2. I think it would have to be when I lost my son, Steven. I was constantly aware of his presence and comfort. It's the only thing that got me through to the next day. Great post, Liz.

  3. I think when I lost my baby. And when my babies were so sick. In those moments, He was a constant presence--one that helped me through it all.

  4. What a moving post. I have felt His love the strongest while in my twelve-step meetings. It's amazing watching the Atonement change lives right before your eyes.

  5. David, that is so true. I've lost touch with the Spirit for a long time and came back and am so ever grateful for the Atonement!

    Christine--losing family is one of the hardest things to endure, but I think that it's nice to have someone we know rooting for us on the other side. ((hugs)) Thank you for sharing your heart with me.

    Thank you, Shari! :D

    Laura! You are such a sweet and beautiful spirit. I know that Heavenly Father is very mindful of you and that your baby will come down to be with you again! ((hugs))

    Angie, I am so very grateful for the Atonement and those 12 steps are so very eye-opening, aren't they? :)

  6. thank you for visiting and for your kind words. there's a place to follow my blog, but it's near the bottom. i'll be sure to move it closer to the top.

  7. Beautiful Liz. I probably feel His love for me best when I pray and when I sing. Mostly every night when I lie down, after I've said my prayers and read and stuff and the lights are out, I sing that children's hymn, what is it called? Child's Prayer? I just sing it quietly to Father/to myself. The Spirit pulls over me like a warm blanket and I fall asleep. Like being rocked to sleep in the arms of a loving parent. ♥


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