Monday, January 25, 2010

My Discoveries and a Question

I mentioned how my husband was a great help to writing Rock Star. I've decided that I've run him into the ground and need to get off my little fanny and do some big time research. While I was doing some online digging for Rock Star, I ran across a few cool sites I think you would LOVE!

One of them is "Blog Like a Rock Star: 7 Rules for Your Blog World Tour". I thought, hmmm, not what I was looking for. It was extremely informative! I learned how to make my reads interesting and entertaining and informative without bogging down my fans!

Another very interesting site I've come across is how to outsmart groupies! I found this fascinating and I just may have to refer to it once all of my books hit the NYT bestsellers list! ;) We all know that is what Stephenie Meyer has done.

I am still riding the wave and learning more and more about rock stars. (I shiver from the things I've read on groupie gossip!)

You know, the funny thing is, as an artist, I make sure I time stamp every sketch. But I don't my novels until my latest one. Oops. I've been writing since the dawning of my life and I have never once thought to time stamp it. And guess what? When one computer dies and you save it to another, it changes the 'created' date! (Unless you know of an ancient Chinese secret to find out when the thing was really born, please share!)


I can only guestimate his birthday around September 2008. :(

*Bowing and smiling* Thank you for dropping by to see me! Luv ya!

What kind of interesting things have you come across while doing research for your books? How do you keep track of when you create your writing project? And most importantly! (Something I run into all the time). Do you write first while the muse speaks or research first so that what you write makes logical sense as you write?

Don't forget my spotlight/coverart contest ends this Saturday--don't miss it! ;)


  1. Good advice! Funny links. I'm waiting for the results of the contest with my fingers crossed!

  2. Love the post. Good questions. I often have to do research even if I have the urge to write because I know in the back of my mind I don't have all the facts and eventually it stops my flow anyway. So I usually gather facts. I stop at Wikipedia first.


  3. I'm low-tech so I always know arund about when I start a work because it was usually born in a notebook full of ideas first.

    I try to jot down ideas as they cometo me in a notebook I take everywhere-then I come back to them and type from there. So yeah I'm no help except to insist writers save their ideas when away from a computer-because you will forget if you don't get it down.

  4. Hi Heather! You are so cute, thank you for your enthusiasm!

    Ann! That's a great place to start, thank you! :)

    David, you are so right when it comes to inspired ideas and forgetting what they are. I think low-tech sounds great. Nothing like old fashioned pencil and paper, hu?

  5. I do a little bit of research but always find, I need to go look something up as I'm writing. LOL

    Those sites sound fun!

  6. Hi Jennifer! I find that I've had to do that a few times. It's good to get things in order, but sometimes I grumble at having to interrupt the writing flow. But we need to line up all of our duckies, hu?

    Glad you enjoyed those sites! :)

  7. I research as I need it during the first draft. If I don't have enough to get it down, I stop and research just long enough until I can move onward. In subsequent drafts, I'll research more to be accurate.

    Good luck, Lizzie!

  8. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sure, I'd be happy to spread the word when your book is published. Just let me know when it happens.

  9. I love the new look of your blog! Your research sounds like a real adventure. :-)

  10. That article you linked to is awesome!

    LOVE your new blog look too!

    As for me, I haven't done a whole lot of research for my books. Oh, I guess I researched Revelations for Desolation, but that wasn't until WAY after a few versions of it had been laid down and I was getting the my facts straight.


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