Friday, December 18, 2009


I have been struggling with the idea of writing blogs--it just doesn't come natural to me. I find it interesting that I can always come up with ideas on my other blog but for this one!

I thought it might be nice to write about what I am writing about, and what interests me.

Right now I am in near completion of my 8th novel. Several of my other novels which have been revised to death and others still in their first draft stages. Who would've thought that I still have a long road ahead of me to have them submission-worthy? It feels intimidating and a bit overwhelming, but I know that it is what Heavenly Father desires of me so I will not stop here.

My current MS is about a man from a different world where his queen rules unjustly but he does not realize that until she sends him on a mission to slay an ancient colony on Earth. After destroying a small hunting party, he finds a village and falls in love with a human woman. Everyone is scared of him but for the woman. Her love changes his heart and he vows to right the wrong.

The thing that I found most challenging in this story was having the two MCs communicate without knowing one another's languages. But as I wrote, it flowed and clicked into place. :) The most I have enjoyed about writing this story is the journey. It is such a joy to create new worlds and governments and people for me.

Three of my novels are fantasy romance(can't stay away from it!), two are historical romance (one taking place in the Victorian ages and the other sometime in the distant past of Vikings), two are urban fantasy romance, one contemporary romance and the one I am currently working on with probably a thousand words left would be considered science fiction/fantasy/historical romance (LOL! It involves all those elements, but I am not sure its exact genre).

I have to admit that writing can be very isolating when one does not have a group of friends that all share the same love for it. I am grateful for my writing group, Scrawl, and everything they have done and are yet to do to help me out the door into the wild blue yonder.

Thank you, guys!

OH! PS--I'd like to thank all of you who are following my blog, it feel so nice to have fans! (hugs) :)


  1. It's true. It's hard when you don't know many people that share your love of genre. When I went to Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers last year, I spent 5 GLORIOUS days with about 15 people who write in my genre. I never felt so welcomed and unified before. It's amazing when you have a group of friends like that.
    (p.s. I'm glad to be in Scrawl with you too!)

  2. All those novels is a super accomplishment! They sound interesting. I'm glad to have found your blog. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth. We are here for you with support, enthusiasm, and friendship galore. ;)

  4. Like Angie say's that is an accomplishment. Do most all of those need to be revised or what are you doing wihh them? I admit I am most interested in your Viking Age one but yur current sci-fi one sounds cool too.

    Oh what is your bloodbath one from? I liked that a lot.

  5. Without all of my writing friends, I would have quit long ago! Your book sounds intriguing. Can't wait to read it.

  6. Wow, you have quite an array of fun books. I can't stay away from the fantasy/romance either. It's what I lean towards. And it is nice to have a circle of writer friends to help through this journey.

  7. Laura--I was pretty lost until we came together and formed Scrawl. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father put us in each other's pathway so we could get together!

  8. Angie, thank you for your compliments!

    Shannon, I will take you up on your invitation--I love friends!!! ;)

  9. David, the bloodbath scene story is the one I am working on. It ends with a Viking wedding! ;) (Almost done with it!)


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