Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sunday was my Dallas's fourth birthday. I have thought about how sweet life is and a gift it is being a mother. The thing I am thinking about now is what heirloom can I leave my children when I leave this world?

My journal. My art. My books and poems?

It's been a very long time (highschool in fact, when I was a love-besotted girl) since I have written a poem. They don't have to be about love. They can be about how crazy a mother goes with each child she has. How her house turns from clean to chaos with one flick of her childrens' lashes. How fast the kids grow. Each of their milestones. How lonely it might be once the kiddies grow up and move out? How promising the future will be with bright hopes of grandchildren? Maybe of all the regrets of things left undone when they were young and demanding?

I will make a goal and try to write a poem at least once a month. I will keep the focus around my children. I will print it up and frame it in each of their bedrooms as it will pertain to them individually.

Let's see how much I have gained with experience of parenting along with writing? I shall publish a poem here in this blog when I am done.

(Hopefully I won't chicken out!)

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